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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: kris and nicole's wedding - PART 1

Jan 24, 2007

kris and nicole's wedding - PART 1

this past weekend was one of those super memorable weekends where everything right happened. while i was looking at some of the photos captured at the wedding, i started to really appreciate how moments are able to be captured in time so that the viewer (,such as yourself or the bride,) can appreciate what a meaningful day it really was after everything has calmed down. this is when, to me, photography plays an important role. a part of your life has been captured which in turn can be transformed into art and can be appreciated anytime after.

kris and nicole are a young couple, very much in love. they had their wedding in vallejo and the reception in travis. so much detail was put into this wedding that it would have been a crime to walk past and not appreciate how beautiful everything was... on with the pictures!

//ed pingol

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