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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: roxanne and david's wedding, post 1

Mar 24, 2007

roxanne and david's wedding, post 1

guest commentator: monica

what a great wedding for such a great couple! of course i'm biased since i was in the wedding and i've been best friends with the bride for the past 20 years. gorgeous venue, gorgeous weather, and of course a gorgeous couple... what more can a photographer ask for? this is the first of the 9 blog posts in this set so go ahead and read/view on! make sure to click on "older posts" at the end of the page to see all 9 posts.

//ed pingol

arden hills country club, sacramento

the dress and the shoes (notice the rhinestone detail under the soles that i made!)

the long-awaited moment of changing into the dress


Blogger Teana said...

those were great pictures. and thanks for that actually took me a few days to figure that out. oy. hehe. i remember rox when we were in colorguard together at solano...whoa. they looked great and so in love. awesome job ed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right - that is alot of pictures

Very nice colors and contrast. Love the backlighting on the top 2 in #15.

Overall, great job...

Frank DiGiorgio

Anonymous ian said...

Nice work!

Anonymous deebo7 said...

Hey cool, i just did a wedding there on the 31st, just a week after you. Cool looking place.

BTW, isnt tht priest awesome. He did the same hands int he air thing for my couple too, haha. Nice guy

Anonymous K Lav said...

Overall, very nice shots.

I am curious as to what your lighting setup was. There is some VERY nice lighting in some of the photographs such as the bottom left of #15. I also assume you used fill flash for the outside shots of the bride and groom, or perhaps a silver reflector?

Anonymous Peter Chang said...

great shots.

The lighting at the reception. in the top half of #15.... was that your light, or someone elses?

Peter Chang

Anonymous David S said...

Is the bride Indonesian?
Pic 7 is a bit blurry.
I like the vibrant and the contrast of all of the pictures.
Great couples

Anonymous William Kazak Design Studio said...

Some very nice work. Thanks for posting.
I am jealous of all of the blue sky and sunshine.

William Kazak Design Studio

Anonymous icing said...

i love every single one. i am SO biased!


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