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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: salton sea "trash the dress" trash bash photo session (a.k.a. group "aftershoot session") - updated

Jan 16, 2008

salton sea "trash the dress" trash bash photo session (a.k.a. group "aftershoot session") - updated

yup. more images. hope you guys enjoy!

//ed pingol


commentator: ed
below are images of some behind the scenes shots... like monica said, the beach we were standing on aren't rocks and sand but of bones and shells. cool and creepy at the same time.

this is chris austin... the man who put this whole thing together.

this is where we all gathered and loitered for about an hour or so before going out to the salton sea... it's a good thing that the signs were all in spanish... otherwise we all would of gotten in trouble. oh, and the stores sell really cheap lenses too! j/k! =)

we found this while shooting and decided to use it as props.

check out all those photographers just itching to shoot.


Anonymous Conrad said...

Daaang who's that hot dawg at the bottom with the glasses?? lol ima get ya whoever took it..=b

Anonymous Louis Palos said...

that cat in the red shirt is pretty freakin cool!

Anonymous Louis Palos said...

by the way the biker shot is killer Ed!

Blogger Mary Marantz said...

looks like you guys had a blast! what a fun shoot!!


Blogger Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

ED!!! I had not idea you were a V-Town cat! Vallejo! Thats my home turf!! I grew up in American Canyon and Napa. As expected your images are flippin' sick man!! I am actually heading to the Vallejo Kaiser Hospital tomorrow for a baby shoot. I fly out tonight. Will be stayin in Napa. Now I got you bookmarked so I'll be checking in often!


Blogger Melissa Koehler said...

I think that hottie in the white shirt is awesome :)
It was so great meeting you!!!

Blogger rowena said...

Finally getting around to these. You go Ed and Monica! You are the color masters, your work is stunning! Nice to finally meet you guys. Rock on. Oh, and I love the behind the scenes shots!

Anonymous Dave said...

Awesome stuff, as always. Thanks for sharing.

Blogger MKenoly said...

These photos are awesome! You have to keep me posted on your next class. It looks like so much fun!


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