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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: carmelyn and joel - engagement session at muir beach

May 19, 2008

carmelyn and joel - engagement session at muir beach

commentator: monica

carmelyn and joel are such a naturally affectionate couple, so much so that as we pulled into the parking lot of muir beach, we could have photographed them just as they were. after the extreme heat wave we experienced earlier in the week, this sunday in this part of the bay area proved to be a chilly one with lots of coastal fog. this gorgeous couple didn't mind, as we explored the intimate beach full of awesome rocks. towards the end of the session, we made a trip about half a mile up from the beach at the "overlook," where we found shelter from the cold in one of the base-end stations.

congratulations, karm & joel! we hope you enjoyed a safe flight back home to san diego.

//ed pingol

the bridge leading to muir beach

lovey dovey

hearts and soles

the rocky shoreline

playin' at the beach


the "concrete igloo"


individual images
if you want to see individual images of this session, simply click here!


Blogger Darren Tse & Angie Wong said...

wow ed, you make even overcast dreary days look amazing and romantic!

by the way, what lens you use for your close-framed portraits? it looks like maybe 135 f2, cause i tried getting your style framing with an 85 on 5D, but wasnt long enough

Blogger ed pingol said...

darren and angie-

thanks for the awesome compliment. we used the 85mm on those shots with the 40d (135mm equivalent).



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