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Feb 11, 2009

that's FRESH!!! fresh as in TIIIGHT!!!

commentator: ed

alright guys!!! we're in the runnings for the FRESHEST blog. oh, won't you please help. i told monica that if you help us win, i will do ALL THE HOUSE WORK for 2 MONTHS. SERIOUSLY!!! monica won't have to lift a single finger. i will cook, clean and even do the figgen' laundry (i hate laundry). won't you please help monica's dream come true for 2 whole months. =)

what? did i hear you say "how do i help monica out???"

click here or the photo of the screen capture that has been seriously altered without permission below. enter in the number 90 - as in nine zero in the upper left box thingie-mah-jiggie. that's it! easy peasy. oh, and monica i'm sure will love you guys for helping her out. =)

//ed pingol
contact me =)


Anonymous Christine said...

For Monica.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!! i've already voted. =)


Anonymous Bill Cawley said...

I'll do it for Monica, lol. Let's hang out in Vegas. ;-)

Anonymous Marissa Feliciano said...

Just voted, good luck Monica!!! Hope to meet you guys in Vegas next week. Or maybe in April when we storm the Bay Area!

Anonymous Shellane said...

I voted for you guys! YAY! How is Monica's pregnancy coming along?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted! love, Quan

Anonymous Andreas Ott said...

i placed my vote :)
i love your pictures!! One of the first things i do when i come to work is to go on our page to look for new photos :)

Andy from Germany

Blogger Merv said...

You got my vote, you earned it.
If you guys ever plan to travel to Ireland, Look me up!


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