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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: HAPPY DIRTY THIRTY, EDDIE BOY!!!

Jul 15, 2009


commentator: monica

for the past couple of years, it's been a race to be the first to greet one another HAPPY BIRTHDAY through the blog. last year, i included photos of ed that he probably would have never shared publicly (all pg, of course!). this year, i resume the practice...

here are some photos of ed, through the years: (eddie, you better be sooo glad i didn't find the photo of you at disneyland in hot pink spandex biker shorts during your "fobulous" years! oh, if i could only get my hands on that video and upload it onto youtube!!)

born & raised in the philippines

8th grade school portrait, when we first met

senior prom (one of my fave photos of ed!)

freshman year of college (before he discovered contacts)

here are photos from a recent photographers' shoot out earlier this year, in which the photographers themselves were the models of the photo session: (thank you to all the photographers whose photos i used!)

photos by stephanie baker
This image is copyrighted by the owner

This image is copyrighted by the owner

This image is copyrighted by the owner

This image is copyrighted by the owner

This image is copyrighted by the owner

photo by: sam hassas
This image is copyrighted by the owner

photo by: maurice ramirez
This image is copyrighted by the owner

image by cathy breslow


//ed pingol
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Blogger Deb said...

Ooh - July is the Birthday month for only the coolest people. Happy Birthday, Ed!!


Anonymous Gromitch said...

Happy birthday!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the best! Cheers to the next 30! Hope they're as good as the first.

Anonymous teana said...

aww, i love the baby picture! happy birthday ed!

Anonymous Kevin Lam said...

Haha, the kid pictures are great!

Anonymous Vanessa SJC said...

Happy Birthday Eddie!! The big 3-0 huh! Hope you have an awesome bday! Love the modeling pics as well as the Pacquiao shirt.

Anonymous karl said...

Happy Birthday Ed! Awesome, you and Mimi have the same birthday!

Blogger Miz Dash said...

Happy 30th, Ed! Keep up the amazing work!


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