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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: jeannette & jonathan's wedding - vallejo & concord | california

Sep 14, 2009

jeannette & jonathan's wedding - vallejo & concord | california


kindly please enjoy the photos... =)

//ed pingol
contact me =)


Anonymous crystal.z said...

beautiful as always! it was great seeing you on saturday!

Anonymous Joann said...

you captured the tears! very impressive! how much is your service? im getting married next year. can you email me your packages/rates at thanks!

Anonymous Johnny & Jeannette said...

we're so fortunate to have found one of THE MOST TALENTED photographers ever! Thanks again so much for being a part of our special day! =)

Anonymous Steve said...

Ed, you are truly inspirational, anyone can look at these photos and see that they are outstanding but it takes a wedding photographer to apprechiate the skill that goes in to each one whilst under amazing time pressure, keeping the clients/families happy and dealing with the cards you are dealt in relation to locations and light. I want to be you when I grow up!
Steve Mac (49yrs next month) love and bride photography UK.

Blogger christine said...

ok- first off, these photos are really beautiful, well done! i love all of the candid moments you've captured!

also, i am just beginning a photography blog am so disappointed when the images have to be small, how did you figure out how to view them this large with blogspot?


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