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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: chelsea and bj's e-session part 1 of 4

Apr 9, 2007

chelsea and bj's e-session part 1 of 4

guest commentator: monica

i just love it when we shoot on slightly cloudy days. gloomy weather behind us the day before and plenty of sunshine with cotton-candy strands of clouds striated through the sky during our engagement session with chelsea and bj this past weekend. our first stop was baker beach. since this couple will be wed on oahu next march, where chelsea is originally from, they definitely wanted to be sure to include sf, since this is the location of their first meeting. and what says san francisco more than the monumental golden gate bridge. we had such a great time with the two, who were pretty much down to do anything we asked as you'll soon see throughout these four photo blogs. be sure to view them all!

//ed pingol

"sk-eye" candy
(both of the sky and of this gorgeous couple!)

strolling along the beach


splashing around (in the only pair of jeans bj brought to the session. such a soldier!)


Anonymous Melissa O said...


Luv 'em all.

Melissa O

Anonymous sots said...

Great capture of expressions. I love the processing of the blues in these.


Anonymous nely said...

Beautiful work! I especiallly love the bridge shot, with the sweeping lines. breathtaking!

Anonymous kate said...

So jealous because
a) you have got such a great city to shoot in
b) I spied Mona Lisa's behind the couple in North Beach in #3...YUM. YUM. YUM. Love love love all of the Italian restaurants (and even burger places like Mo's) in NB. I am getting fatter just thinking about it!

Nice all of the different poses.


Anonymous eric said...

Great job man. Those are amazing. I really can't pick out a fave.

Anonymous oasis said...

Lovely set as always, Ed. You're definitely quite adept at using flash in daylight!

Agree with sots about the last one.

Nice logo too.

Anonymous erwin said...

greeattt pictures Ed... Love the sky and the flowers shots...
Make me wanna go to SF

Anonymous Yun Na said...

Love 1,2 and 9. But man #1 Very impressive.

Anonymous dave richards said...

awsome work as always Ed! Did you use fill flash on most of these shots?

Anonymous JasonL said...

1 is awesome.

Anonymous Alex Alcantar said...

Very, very nice.

I would say that I am jealous but, instead, I am going to say that you are inspiring to push my images up a notch.

Alex Alcantar

Anonymous David Hale said...

Great colors -- did you increase saturation in pp? The one with the tilted column is the FIRST titled image I can say that I like. Some photographers go way overboard with that awkward style.

Anonymous Stephen H said...

Gotta love san francisco for photo ops

Anonymous Melanie Mansfield said...

Well, if she isn't as cute as a bug!!

I love number five the best. And I agree, you use artificial light REALLY well.

Melanie Mansfield

Blogger Teana said...

you know, i can see a progression in your pictures with each session. they keep getting better. i know i said that before but it's so true.

so should i book you now for my future engagement/wedding shoots?


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