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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: rox and david's wedding album spreads

May 2, 2007

rox and david's wedding album spreads

Please note that the "ED PINGOL" border will not be printed in the album. This is just for internet purposes. = )

//ed pingol


Anonymous vsj said...

they look great ed! i love the rich colors and how they all just blend together.

Anonymous Mark Edgington said...

Nice work Ed.
Very colorful vibrant images.
Your spreads really tell the story.
I can see why you don't have any free time...doing the dual job thing sucks.

Mark Edgington

Anonymous ashley bartoletti said...

i love the background colors, it really ties it all together. do you print with your name on it as shown?


Anonymous Melody said...

No CC from me.... it's GORGEOUS!

Anonymous floyd palitang said...

Those are some pretty sweet layouts, Ed. I just have one teeny tiny comment about the third one down: It looks as if there is a hand growing out of the back of the girl in the second frame.

Anonymous Holritz Photography said...

You've done some really great work with the design! The colors are vibrant.. and make sense together!

I would just make your logo smaller and maybe more transparent - spare the clients having to see that on every page so prominently.

Great work!

Anonymous Carl said...

Ed.......Bro.........It's time to quit your job. I can't believe I am the first on this post to say so. Excellent use of colors, I have seen allot of albums where the use of many colors made it seem disjointed. I love the strokes that go beyond the edge of the picture. You filled the pages with out making each page too busy. Good stuff my friend!


Blogger ed pingol said...

ha! thanks guys-

a quick note: the spreads wont have my logo on them at all.

i just include my logo because if people (say a bridesmaid) in the spreads like them, they'll take it and upload it on myspace or friendster or what have you... it gives automatic creds to the photographer. free advertisement!

thanks floyd for the kean eye- will edit accordingly.

carl - thanks! and no, not yet... can't leave my day job. = (


Anonymous n.m. wedding photography said...


n.m. wedding photography

Anonymous Jerry B Smith said...

beautiful shots and layouts

Anonymous Jeremy Barr said...

Having used metallic paper myself, I can imagine exactly how these pages would look. I hope your making a lot of money from this - because truly your worth it. Love the work, not every shot is 'incredible', but when layed out so nicely and with such fantastic use of colour, everyone will simply adore the album. Add to that the wow factor of using a rare paper such as metallic. Great!

Jeremy Barr

Anonymous Chris Lewis said...

what process is done to insure the metallic pages do not scuff? I've seen some albums that get rub marks over time where the metallic pages meet when the book is closed. i love metallic prints but traditionally shy away from them for this reason.

Chris Lewis--Austin, TX

Blogger ed pingol said...

hi chris-

metallic pages here in california doesn't have a problem because of the dry cool weather we have here. if i was located in a state and city where humidity is somewhat high, then i would definitely stay away from metallics.

= )

my $0.02


Anonymous Mark Eric said...

Great work Ed- I agree, not only could you be fulltime, you SHOULD be fulltime. Looks like you were made for this. I suppose moving from the Bay is out of the question, eh?

Mark Eric

Anonymous Tawny said...

You Rock!

Anonymous donnie hagan said...

How do you get the silver bars on the sides or bottoms to fade to nothing? Care to give us a tip?


Anonymous jkittmer said...

Excellent job! I really like what you have done on #11. The colors you've used will look great on metallic paper.

Anonymous Jason EDH said...

Hey Ed:
Great work! I love the variety of shots, colors, and layout. Arden Hills CC is a great location. Best wishes.

Sacramento, CA

Anonymous Natee said...

Very nice! What software did you use to do the layout?


Anonymous 57suzi said...

Really high energy work--that album is gonna POP.

Anonymous shawnstarr03 said...

Great work Ed...this must have taken a good bit of time to put together! I love the colors and the fact that you broke the borders and gave some dimension/depth to the where her face is overlapping the image.

this is gonna look hot with metalic output.

Anonymous Henry K. said...

great work!

In what program are you creating the pages??



PS: sorry didn't see the same question further up! :-) but we are still waiting for an answer :-)

Anonymous Leslie168 said...

awesome gallery, I like them all..



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