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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: jen & ryan's wedding 1 of 5

Apr 25, 2007

jen & ryan's wedding 1 of 5

guest commentator: monica

wow, what an amazing wedding! jen and ryan were wed this past weekend in sacramento at the cathedral of the blessed sacrament, followed by their reception at the sterling hotel. this event was filled with laughter, tears, family, friends, color, delicious food, and plenty of surprises.

below are images taken at the ruz residence where the groom and groomsmen leisurely got ready for the big day. be sure to check out all 5 blog posts to see all the fun of the day's events.

congratulations, mr. and ms. ryan and jennifer ruz! have a great time on your honeymoon!

//ed pingol

the groom and his men

boyband moment

getting ready, with some help from dad

father and sons


Blogger Tawny said...

I am such a stalking fan now!!! Soooo grrreat with the posing and all of it!

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Tim Co said...

wow looks like a lot of fun, im loving the second one LOL thats hilarious! cant wait to see more ed!

Anonymous Megan Frank said...

"but i really wanted to share this church with you guys cause this church kicks major buttocks!"

No joke!

Anonymous Eric Von said...


2nd one is hysterical

Anonymous rich smith said...

That's an incredible first picture! Amazing colors in there. Lots to see. What lens were you using?

Blogger ed pingol said...

can't wait to get home from work and... well, work.

rich: the glass used is a 10-22mm ef-s lens. some people don't like it, but i friggen love this lens.


Anonymous erwin wijanto said...

ED .... YOU've done it again..

Great Series man.. Congrats...


Anonymous Manus Chau said...

wow "i kiss the ground you walk on" cool stuff... they had a choco fountain.. nice.. great stuff man.

Manus Chau

Anonymous Cory said...

Excellent images! Very nicely done.

Anonymous Tawny said...

These are so far out there that they have entered the realm of radical! They are great and my goodness that church does kick some major buttucks! Grrrrrrrrrrreat job capturing all of the details too! BTW! I like the fact that the church makes me wonder what exactly it is that I am looking at. It is interesting and not typical!

Anonymous Frank DiMeo said...

Great job Ed! thumbsup.gif

I might burn down the upper church interior though so the eye doesn't get stuck up there (unless that is what you want).

Are these shot on a 20D?

Anonymous James R. Watson said...

Well let me be the first to say Wow. Nice collages, colour exposures etc. Nice work and thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Jerren M. said...

You have a way with your designs that I really enjoy viewing. Job well done and the pictures tell sthe story nicely.

Anonymous RedWhiteandRed said...

Terrific photos - vibrant and youthful.

Anonymous Ahamed Iqbal said...

Some serious skills and real connection with everyone with involved.
Shame about the blocked face (woman on the left side group shot).

Really great work overall.

Blogger Teana said...

these are beautiful ed!

Anonymous Elisha Catts said...

Wow - I love the colors and all the ambient light that you have in all your photos. Great job! Your composition is fantastic - all the photos tell a story in an artistic way!

Anonymous gala said...

Thanks for sharing great work .
Love the colors

Anonymous Todd said...


Anonymous Andrew Chiciak said...

What camera and lenses? Looks like a lot of wide angle. Are you working with two shooters?

Anonymous Meyte said...

Great pictures!!

Anonymous Martyn said...

I was just wondering, can you re-PP the images and try and get a little more colour into them?

Nice stuff


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