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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: Drew's (a.k.a. DL da ARSUN) Photoshoot

Apr 15, 2007

Drew's (a.k.a. DL da ARSUN) Photoshoot

guest commentator: monica

this is definitely just a teaser. two individual photo shoots & one engagement session this past weekend, to be posted soon. the image below is one is one that stood out and exemplifies the anonymity we're going for... at least for now! stay tuned this week, folks!

.... AND WE'RE BACK! to view more of drew, DL da ARSUN, click here!

//ed pingol


Anonymous Lisa W said...

I like the composition of the one with the rims and the bling.

Anonymous Fred Egan said...

I have to think this guy was really pleased with them!

Anonymous Art and Soul said...

These look great, the colors rock and they'll really pop in print. nice work

Anonymous Coralee said...

i say that you did pretty damn good!!

Anonymous Nettie said...

I love the ones with the green and the bling!

Anonymous Zoic said...

the shot of the iPod 'phones with his head out of focus is really creative. I think you did a beauty job of this.

Anonymous Amorphia said...

Great images. Definitely no touchy feely soft shots in this bunch! The bling & ipod headphones shots are my faves

Anonymous Adamj5 said...

ed pingol is big pimpin round her'!

Nice. The last shot and the rim shot are def rapper "iced" out. The 5th from the bottom with the rings is a killer shot rapper or no rapper. Ipod shot is killer. Perfect shots!

Anonymous Kayla Sullivan said...


I'd say you did fab for a rap shoot. What did they think? I'm betting they will think they rock.

I love that last one, something different & love that bling!

Anonymous Jennifer said...'re awesome..whether it's weddings or rappers!

Anonymous Wynona Robison said...

Awesome job! I love the combination of the ipod earphones with the photo of him that you put next to it. Really works for me.

Anonymous Rowena said...

Very nice! I bet he is pleased with the result.


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