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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: laundry, ruined places and rockband tea party as a baby shower

Feb 15, 2008

laundry, ruined places and rockband tea party as a baby shower

commentator: ed

so monica and i were doing laundry the other night and out of no where, lola (our little wiener dog) jumps on the warm pile of clothes and started to dig herself under it. monica mimicked and the next thing that you know, we had a mini photo shoot. =) awesomeness!!

//ed pingol

earlier that day, i was driving through mare island and stopped over this ruined building
that was just asking to be photographed. so i did.

on another note... (wow, i'm jumping all over the place here) monica had this tea/rockband
baby shower party for our good friend roxanne who is on her second baby. there were a
ton of kids everywhere and snapped this cutie below.


Blogger Damion & Julie Hamilton said...

Hey the laundry shot!! How fun. Hey...I used to go over to Mare Island all the time. Mom worked there for years. Hope things are well for you in V-town!

Blogger Teana said...

i love that shot of monica and lola. lol, it's so cute!

Anonymous Erin said...

You guys are funny! Monica, you look so cute in the pile of laundry. :)


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