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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: maui, hawaii - day 1 - makena - iao valley - honolua-mokuleia - paia

Jun 15, 2008

maui, hawaii - day 1 - makena - iao valley - honolua-mokuleia - paia

commentator: monica

ahhhhhhhhh... paradise... that's where we've been these last couple few days to photograph a wedding on maui. (photos of ging & glen's awesome wedding to come soon!) we arrived on thursday night and went immediately to bed, after catching a late supper in kihei. when we woke up, we were greeted by a beautiful sunrise right outside our balcony at the mana kai resort. we spent the first part of day one scouting out the locations of our wedding for the next day, before we headed out to sight-see and snorkel. first off, we drove to iao valley to visit the famous landmark "needle," which is such a lush area of the island. afterwards, we found our way to a fairly secluded beach at honolua bay, which has some great "fishwatching." with a tip from michelle & paul, who just went to maui for their honeymoon a few weeks ago, we made reservations at mama's fish house for a window seat at sunset. oh man, they weren't kidding when they said this was the best place to have the freshest fish ever!!! thanks for the fantabulous recommendation, guys! of course, we couldn't go wrong listening to advice from an executive chef!

the view from our room

off to maui prince hotel to scout! check out their ginormous koi aplenty!

the palm trees outside the prince hotel

134 steps to the overlook of the needle

a breathtaking view of the valley


makes you wanna swing from a vine and scream "ahahahahahahahaha!!!"

enjoying some yummy mai tai's and gourmet grindz at mama's fish house

silly photographers!!! glad we don't look like them at a restaurant! =)

sunset view of the north shore

//ed pingol


Blogger Teana said...

oh it looks wonderful and magical and how i wish y'all could have packed me in your bags and taken me with you!

Blogger Josh said...

awesome shots, Ed! I can't wait to see the wedding!

Anonymous genital warts said...

Excellent pictures and incredible sensation wanting to spend some time at those astonishing beaches.

Blogger Enoch Photography said...

Ed - beautiful images my friend. I'm truly excited to see those wedding pictures.

Blogger maritessb said...

maui looks sooo beautiful. edwin and i have yet to go. anyways food looks yummy and the photographer photo is hilarious. driving in hawaii with a convertable... doesn't it seem like the sun gets closer? i said that before in oahu and it realy felt like we were driving towards the sun.

Blogger Michelle said...

Hey guys! We're so glad you guys enjoyed ur time at Mama's! I noticed you hit up Eskimo Candy and the Bakery on the way to Mt. Haleakala too =) YAY! Love the awesome shots you took while there... thanks for bringin' back all the memories! We'll be going back soon.... we hope!

luv, mich and paul


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