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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: jessica and jed's teaser - oahu, hawaii

Aug 27, 2008

jessica and jed's teaser - oahu, hawaii

commentator: ed

you got that right... our trip to oahu was awesome that i have to put these "pre teaser" of jessica and jed's session. full commentary coming soon... for now, kindly please enjoy the photos. =)

//ed pingol


Anonymous Jade said...

Oh my god! These has got to be the best photos I've ever seen.

Blogger Jess said...

from Josie (Jed's Mom):

My favorite is the one taken of them as a couple within the bamboo shoots. The color, the setting, the scenery and the texture contrasts are awesome. Absolutely beautiful. The photographers are not only very skilled in their craft but also demonstrate a sensitive feel for the humanity of the individual couple.

Blogger Jess said...

We are forever grateful that we found you and Monica. We know through these pictures we will be able to look at this special time in our lives.

Thank you so much for putting your heart and soul into these pictures. We will treasure them forever.

Best to you both!
Jess and Jed

Blogger david & kimi baxter said...

dude stellar work as usual! were these taken at makapuu? we were just there as well and itchin to go back! keep up the awesomeness ed!

Blogger Mike said...

Ed and Monica, these are totally awesome!! The sky's are incredible, but I just had to laugh and love the note on the leaf! Classy!

Anonymous Rob said...

Hi Ed,

Just saw your post with these images on DWF. I remember you were always great with light, but these images blew me away.

Great Work Man!

Blogger maritessb said...

these photos make me sad. i wish we have scenery like these in the city for our aftershoot! want another excuse to go to hawaii? lol.

Anonymous Sarah said...

Absolutely amazing photos.. love the first beach shot and the bamboo... stunning!!!

Blogger Angela said...

ED! You have outdone yourself here. Beautiful!

Blogger Sophia said...

WOW! These are amazing photos. Do you have tutorials or links to some tutorials on how to edit the exposure, color, contrast, etc. on Photoshop? I'm still kinda new to digital photography and I'm trying to learn as much as I can.

Anonymous john said...

love your wedding photos...amazing!

Blogger k-loop-dee-loop said...

hi ed! i was just wondering what ever happened to the photos of the couple standing on the beach (rocks) and there were huge splashes of water behind them of the water crashing on the rocks they were standing upon... those were my absolute favorite and i wanted to show my grandma because i already pick you as my wedding photographer for WHENEVER i get married! :)

Blogger Angela said...

ED! You have outdone yourself here. Beautiful!

Blogger Pants said...

ED! You have outdone yourself here. Beautiful!


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