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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: emie and chris' engagement session - golden gate park - san francisco, california

Aug 12, 2008

emie and chris' engagement session - golden gate park - san francisco, california

commentator: monica

next year, emie & chris will be wed in tagaytay, a gorgeous location in the philippines. when they asked for potential referrals of other photographers based in the philippines, we were quick to mention the awesome manila-based metro photography. with their wedding several months away, they wanted to have an engagement session here in "the states," as filipinos would call the u.s.

we met up with the beautiful couple at golden gate park for photos around stow lake, the waterfall, and the chinese pavillion. as we kept seeing birds flying to and from the pavillion, we knew that pigeons were roosting above us. can you figure out how we got the "bird shot" below??? don't worry, no birds were harmed, although i probably scared away a few people visiting the park with my ridiculous yelling. =)

congrats on your engagement, emie & chris! can't wait to see your wedding photos blogged next year. =)

//ed pingol


Blogger Bellissima Vita said...

That bird shot has to be one of my all time favorites :)

Blogger maritessb said...

i agree. that's beautiful!!!!!!

Blogger ~V~ said...

I love that bird shot too. Did you have to make Hamilton scare those birds to do that? : )

Anonymous Mike said...

The birds! Perfect timing.

Blogger metrophoto said...

im sure i saw this post but didnt realize it was our emie :(

thanks guys, im very much looking forward to emie's wedding... YOU are awesome ;)


Blogger Epifaniadelrosa said...

mon, i can totally see you running around scaring the pigeons! hilarious but worth the lovely shot!


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