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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: cynthia and tim's engagement session - yerba buena center for the arts - de young museum - baker beach - san francisco

Jul 11, 2008

cynthia and tim's engagement session - yerba buena center for the arts - de young museum - baker beach - san francisco

commentator: monica

fans of photography and cupcake aficionados, cynthia and tim are our kind of couple! the stylish couple they are, they wanted photos with a variety of architectural elements and wanted an engagement session that was "different." we were up for the challenge and since it was a monday, we had plenty of time (and space, what with the lack of crowds) to explore and experiment a bit. we started the session at the mlk jr. memorial waterfall in yerba buena gardens and found our way to the nearby zeum. we took a quick trip to the de young museum, which was closed, for photos around the copper walls of the awesome structure. our last stop was at baker beach and since the couple wanted more unique photos, we stayed close to the bunkers. thank goodness we did since the nudists were out in full force that weekday afternoon. =)

congratulations on your engagement, cynthia & tim. can't wait for your wedding in november!

//ed pingol

thundering falls of the memorial waterfall

just you & me!

strikin' a pose outside the zeum

looking fab in her smokin' laboutins!


such a gorgeous and sweet couple

tim with his two "loves." below is his homer simpson cartoon run.

cynthia's beautiful ring

individual images
if you want to see individual images of this session, simply click here!


Blogger Tiffany Izatt said...

fabulous! i love the l ocations how fun! but the one with him in the circle it was awesome, it made me smile, but as i go back and look i truly do love them all, you are superbly skilled!

Blogger Bumatay said...

You are such the master Ed. All are phenomenal!

Anonymous Tim Miller said...

You sir... are a delight.

(From Will Ferrel mocking Inside the Actor's Studio, ala Saturday Night Live)

Excellent work... I'm speechless.

(from Tim Miller of Tim Miller Photography, in awe of your awesomeness)

Tim Miller Photography

Anonymous Jericho said...

Unbelievable work! Probably some of the best I have seen in ages!

Anonymous Gary Hopkins said...

Sick!! Awesome work, man. I am also speechless. When I grow up, I wanna be like Ed. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous anthony said...

wonderful as always. Great couple, great shots

Anonymous Darrel Lee said...

seriously, one of the best in the bay area.

just curious, the "newlyweds on nob hill" photo, how did you get that shot with so much detail and color? I assume you had a slave flash too?

Anonymous Brian Lingle said...

Wow! You continue to amaze and inspire.

Anonymous 57suzi said...

#1 is just surreal, love the bits of bright color.

Anonymous Luke N said...

wow, just wow

Anonymous Sam Hassas said...

Dude, I'm gonna need to know where this one was. Second jump shot and the sepia door shot are too good. You make me wanna shoot more wide stuff.


Anonymous SingleMalt said...

I'm wondering how many photographers are lined up at any given time, to shoot on that section of beach by the Bridge? How is it ever empty?

Anonymous Sino408 said...

Lovely pictures, don't you just hate the CA On that prime? =)


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