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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: ging and glen's wedding - st. theresa, kihei, maui, hawaii - maui prince hotel, makena ,hawaii

Jun 23, 2008

ging and glen's wedding - st. theresa, kihei, maui, hawaii - maui prince hotel, makena ,hawaii

commentator: monica

"maui no ka oi!" maui certainly is the best! this blog entry about ging & glen's fantabulous wedding is long overdue. this beautiful couple planned what was a "destination wedding" for some but more of a a "homecoming wedding" for these two high school sweethearts, who now live in the o.c.

both the bride and groom prepared for their big day at maui prince hotel in makena. we had to assure our couple not to fret over the rain since we knew these storm clouds would make for some stellar images. even with the intermittent showers, we were able to hold their "first glance" meeting to take advantage of the beautiful waterfall, ponds, and lush foliage of the resort.

their ceremony was held at saint theresa in kihei, which is a gorgeous church surrounded by stained glass windows, depicting the ocean. once back at the maui prince, we had a bit more time to photograph the entire bridal party and just as we had "willed," the sky began to clear up for their outdoor reception. the food was delectable, full of traditional luau "grindz," which was enough to satisfy all 500+ guests. (yes, that's right! this is our largest wedding yet.) the live band, super dub 5, entertained all! and there were still plenty of clouds to create a stunning island sunset.

congratulations, ging & glen! we hope you were able to eat the best saimin ever at hamura's during your kaua'i honeymoon. sooo jealous! =)

//ed pingol

rain on your wedding day is good luck

the dress and rings on a "honu" sculpture from the hotel suite

the ladies getting dolled up

one of the maids of honor rehearsing her speech; a hilarious bachelorette party favor!

a moment to collect herself before the festivities begin

our very first groomsmen group with all white tuxes

sssssmokin' hot!

the bridal party

individual portraits of their good-lookin' entourage

the church

a hawaiian-style "peace be with you" gesture

they weren't kidding when they said they would "high-5" once their new status was announced!

husband and wife

maui prince



the reception

party hardy


individual images
if you want to see individual images of this session, simply click here!


Anonymous Linda said...


Blogger Nicholaus Haskins said...

Nice Ed. Your tearin it up bro!

Anonymous KATHY said...


Blogger Nudrat Shams Owens said...

The party pic was a great capture and the crazy sky...speechless!!!!

Blogger Jess said...

Great shots of a beautiful wedding! It is amazing how you are able to capture these gorgeous images amidst all the wedding rush!

Anonymous Ian Mitchell said...

Great HDR work, well done, are you doing it from one RAW file or multiple shots?

Anonymous Stephanie Osborne said...


I love how you really get to know your clients so well. All the details are not just your typical wedding details but really what stood out in their personalities. I can appreciate this. You have such a great talent.

Blogger maritessb said...

WOW!!!!!! Jaw dropping pictures. This wedding looks sooo lovely. The first picture is my all time fave!!!!!!!!!!! Great work again!

Anonymous chipgillespie said...

Wow. HDR adds some serious kick to wedding photography!! This stuff looks amazing, man!

Blogger 1stjournal: said...

Nice Photography

Its good.......

Blogger Enoch Photography said...

Dood... wow you really did an outstanding job on this wedding. I'm speechless only to say your work is a huge influence on me...

Blogger Leric G said...

great job on the HDR

Anonymous Tiffany Izatt said...

Wow, these are mind blowing amazing! You really do some awesome work. I love all of the images. I hope one day to make it to Hawaii.

Anonymous patrickphoto said...

excellent work. love the feeling.

Anonymous Marie-Louise said...

What can I say. Gorgious... as ever!


Anonymous Sam Hassas said...

This is a really stand out session from you Ed. Just wow. Not just the shots but the arrangements as well. Great story telling.


Anonymous sjmacky said...

beautiful images! I always love when you post. I am a super big fan of your work!!

Anonymous scott said...

kick ass!


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