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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: maui, day 3 - road to hana

Jun 17, 2008

maui, day 3 - road to hana

commentator: monica

"the road to hana is a must see!" that's what we were told by numerous people when they found out we'd be headed to maui. we had visited the island a couple of years before but weren't able to make the trek during our a day and a half stay so we wanted to be sure to make the drive this time. it's called the "highway to heaven" and we now understand why. although the town of hana is a little anti-climactic, the journey is spectacular - full of hairpin turns, one way bridges, taro patches, beautiful waterfalls, fragrant flora, and coastal views of the pacific. and the homemade coconut candy, or what our friends chrissy & joey call "happy candy," was certainly "food of the gods!" as many beaches as we had passed during this trip, we really didn't find any suitable for sunning/bathing so we ended up getting back to our kihei hotel in time for a quick swim before sunset.

//ed pingol

nothin' like experiencing hana highway in a convertible!

we stopped for a "picnic" lunch

honomanu bay

not really by myself

plumerias are my fave

a beautiful hawaiian sunset


Blogger Nicole said...

wow! those car shots are amazing! i feel like i'm zipping along right behind you! and i always love your vibrant colors!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this set. Ya gotta love all those hairpin turns and the little bridges.


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