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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: goin' back to hawaii

Aug 5, 2008

goin' back to hawaii

commentator: ed

will be back... we'll be shooting 2 weddings in oahu. it's going to be AWESOME!!!

currently working on the following teasers:

-miyon and jason's wedding
-emie and chris' engagement
-samiline and noel's engagement
-the rubiano's family portraits
-rachel and vince's wedding
-mellange photoshoot
-vanessa and colin's wedding
-jessica and kyle's engagement

currently processing:

-robin and david's wedding
-a grad session
-the LOUD playground
-dennis' stay
-christy and kris' wedding
-LOST tour
-lani and fredo's wedding
-michelle and dennis' wedding


ALBUMS ALBUMS ALBUMS... and a bunch of other minor stuff. lots to do and i'm loving every moment of it!

//ed pingol

for now, please kindly enjoy a recent photo that we took from our last stay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about SUPER HI DEFINITION - either you have a 1 gazillion megapixel camera with 50 CCD's or you're the greatest photographer in the universe!! Ok..maybe the latter...


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