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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: christy and kris' wedding - st. joseph - waipahu- sheraton waikiki - honolulu, oahu, hawaii

Jul 22, 2008

christy and kris' wedding - st. joseph - waipahu- sheraton waikiki - honolulu, oahu, hawaii

commentator: monica

christy & kris are such a beautiful and thoughtful couple. you would have thought we were the ones being wed, with the way they were so accommodating to us! we were forewarned that the weather would be pretty hot before we arrived on oahu and were pleasantly surprised that the climate was in the high- 80s with pleasant trade winds, a welcome change from the triple digit scorching dry heat and the fires we had just left in norcal. (must be the same way other folks view us spoiled bay areans when we claim it's "so cold" once the temperature drops below 65 or "too hot" once it climbs over 85.)

we began their wedding day by meeting up with christy and the ladies who were preparing at the sheraton waikiki, where the reception would be held later that evening. from their bridal suite, we had a great view of the ocean and the numerous sea turtles feeding on the algae surrounding the shore. we also had a chance to mingle with kris and the guys in their room, who were such a hilarious group to photograph.

the ceremony was held in waipahu, in what seemed worlds apart from the hectic "strip" of waikiki beach, at st. joseph. with a break scheduled between the ceremony and reception, we had plenty of opportunity to photograph the bride, groom, and bridal party. and unlike other couples who schedule their destination wedding in hawaii, these locals who call oahu home, wanted less beach and more of an architectural, urban feel in their images. we headed to the state capitol building in downtown honolulu. we were worried we'd be kicked out without the necessary permit once we saw the police officers guarding the state property, however, the aloha spirit was in full effect, since they were oh-so-kind enough to allow us full use of the entire building. soooo different from our state capitol!

the ballroom in the sheraton waikiki is probably one of the biggest we've seen yet for a wedding. as a way to start off their reception program, christy & kris performed an awesome routine which they called "the evolution of dance," showing off signature dance moves from different decades. the twosome had created a wonderful program, full of surprise games and lively entertainment, with the help of their fantastic dj/mc team, ninja entertainment. the final surprise was actually for the bride herself, as it was her birthday, and her new husband had purchased a cake to acknowledge his new wife's special day, along with their shared day. such a thoughtful guy!

congratulations, christy & kris! we hope you both enjoyed your trip to new york and europe!!!

wedding coordinator: geri simbahon of angelic creations

live entertainment by: epic session

//ed pingol

the happy couple

shoes! hair/make up by: hairstyles by frank; makeup by glenda

the tiffany rings

flowers provided by: always flowers

butterflies were a theme throughout the entire wedding

kris primping with ed in the background

the lovely bride

heading to the church; transportation by: platinum limousine

what a beautiful day to be wed!

the ceremony

newly wed!

the guys cooling off


the bride and her maids

the entire entourage

inside the state capitol courtyard

alone at last

after 11 years...

the sheraton waikiki ballroom

reception details

more butterfly details; a candle to honor christy's late father

yummy cake

first dance: "evolution of dance"


celebrating the birthday!

a hilarious game where male partners are told by the ladies where to find certain objects in their handbags. check out how confused the guys are!

the winners of the handbag game became the winners of the garter/bouquet. but first, the guy needs to place the garter on his girlfriend... or is it?

a "hot potato" game with a dollar to win the centerpiece

let the dancing begin!


a photo with the newlyweds

individual images
if you want to see individual images of this session, simply click here!


Blogger metrophoto said...

back to hawaii! loving your HDRs ed. keep em coming. i might copy try a few myself. hahaha.

oh, i like what you guys did on that shoes shot too ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply fantastic, all of them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great church and the images look great, as usual.. I really like the fabric down the isle. Love that it keeps people out of the isle, but it looks great too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apart from the shots that are great, as ever (1) I really, really like the idea of the fabric down the isle. I will pass this idea to all couples.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

+2 on long fabric

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bride and groom unbraced with a checkered background and one beam of light. Great use of negative space.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, nothing like a Hawaiian sky....captured by Ed Pingol.

Stellar set. what lens are you using for the 10mm shots??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your HDR techniques are getting way better. Fun to look at, as always. I like seeing the progression of you as a photographer over the past few years. This one looks like it was a lot of fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like what you're doing with the WA. Which 10mm lens is that?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love them all - but the reflections in the glasses is AWESOME!!!! Love that!!!
Your shots are always an inspiration!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great stuff as always. Your pictures made me redefine what is wedding photography.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great capture

Looks like great fun

The long fabric - just wondered if its customary in this area or just to this church?

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger Enoch Photography said...

TOO many great shots to list... Awesome work as always... Love how you're bringing it all up another level. Way to go bud.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christy, you are a beautiful bride and the photos show that you had a very beautiful wedding.

We wish the two of you all the wonderful blessings that marriage could offer.

God Bless You!


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