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Aug 29, 2008

off to the land of pinkberry...

commentator: monica

this weekend, we'll be photographing a wedding in sunny socal. ed left yesterday morning and i'll be flying out tonight. below is what i missed while he was hanging out with some of the coolest people EVER, last night. (thanks to erwin for being the blog addict he is and posting an entry late last night!) can't wait to head back to the oc for some pinkberry. mmm... swirly goodness.

happy labor day, everyone!

from l-r: jonathan canlas (founder of the incomparable "film is not dead" workshop), henry chen, ed pingol, leo patrone, erwin wijanto, quaniesha (can you spot the pinkberry sign in the background?)

//ed pingol


Anonymous Marissa Feliciano said...

If you liked Pinkberry, then you will love Yog-Art! Let me know if you ever come down to San Diego, I'll take you guys out to Yog-Art. In my opinion, it's even better than Pinkberry...Taro Tart!!!


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