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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: carmelyn & joel's wedding - embassy suites - st. paul's parish - sacramento, ca

Oct 28, 2008

carmelyn & joel's wedding - embassy suites - st. paul's parish - sacramento, ca


Blogger Chris+Lynn said...

Wow! freakingfantastic! So sharp and colourful and vivid! Love the bridal shot with the dress flowing out of frame - so dramatic. awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

was this the wedding you were talking about?! IT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE NOW - lol i'm originally from sacramento, so it would make sense that someone from sac would be there that i knew :) now, if you only remembered who it was!!

Blogger erwinwijanto photography said...

Whoa !!! Those brige shot freakin awesome Ed... Yea.. I love this series a lot.. So colorful sharp !! ~erwin

Blogger Rose said...

Amazing photos! Any chance we can get an update on your gear? Specifically your "utility belt".

Blogger karmyk said...

Yay!! The pictures look great! My husband looks so beautiful!! *^^* Hee hee.

We can't wait to see the rest of them. Thank you so much. =)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The pics on the bridge are awesome!

Anonymous Steven Davis said...

haha. white guys wearing barongs! i love it! :) this coming from a white guy who's danced lumagen in a bahog :P


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