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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: venisa and jason's wedding -

Oct 16, 2008

venisa and jason's wedding -

commentator: ed

kindly please enjoy the photos. =)

//ed pingol

beautiful ladies

i love silhouettes

"fish hook"

man, this church was awesome to shoot in. the lighting is just friggen unbelievable

sorry jason, but these are too good not to post up. =)

very beautiful ceremony

showing off some details... heyyy!

the name of this pose is either...
cool name = reservoir dog
uncool name = backstreet boys

this group is so funny, they are simply hella-rious. straight up comedy.
awesome... awesome to work with.


a different angle to show off the details...

when i took this photo, i was saying to myslef
"man, a cold brew like that sounds delicious... i'm going to drink me one tomorrow"

first dance as husband and wife

the money dance isn't all glam, people! there's also pain from those needles!
just look at what jason is going through... poor guy. LOL

that cake was delicious... just asked monica, she had my piece too!

special performance to "oooooh" and "ahhhhh" the crowd

i was debating for a long time whether i should post this part of the wedding.
it made me laugh SO hard when i first saw what had happen when
browsing the photos. our bride, venisa, actually has an arm on her.
she has got to be the one that packs the most heat
on that backwards throw. watch out ladies!!! here comes the bouquet!!!

and then this comes along... i have no words. =)
(i have to apologize yet again, but it would be a crime to not show)

the love birds

this wedding can dance the night away!


how many times have i said "sorry" in this post alone? heh heh heh

so we usually take a picture with our clients before ending the night. this particular photo is special because michelle and dennis were special guest of venisa and jason AND they are also our clients. check out their wedding here! in addition, it's usually us and the couple... this awesome photo had a special guest. =)

individual images
if you want to see individual images of this session, simply click here!


Anonymous Pascal said...

Hahaha so many great and hilarious shots. I love your comment about the backstreet boys pose (*shamelessly admits that he is a backstreet boys fan ....* errr)

Blogger Aihara Visuals said...

Love this series! Looks like it was a fun day :) ~ Aloha

Anonymous Venisa said...

I cannot stop myself from laughing!! You caught some funny moments! my favorites are the bouquet and garter toss! LOLOLOL. I cant wait to see more! You did a fabulous job.. everyone keeps asking me when the pics are gonna be posted!! Thanks Ed and Monica!!

Anonymous mark said...

This wedding looks so much fun. I wish I was there to see it first hand. Of course, these photos are so good, it feels like I'm there.

Blogger Brandi said...

Wow, you're amazing. Why haven't I seen your blog before? I am sooo blogline-ing you. Love everything! I love how "in your face" your style is. Totally in the good way.

Blogger Jason said...

You and your crew are the bomb...But bro, I had something in my eye man..allergies were acting up. Thanks for the awesome pics!

Anonymous venisa said...

im sad cause i miss everything about that day, but im also happy cause you captured alot of the bestest moments!!! i know whenever i look at those photos, it will always make me smile =) you guys rock! ps. hamilton, thank you too!

Blogger Erin Harvey said...

Oh my gosh, I was laughing so hard reading all the commentary! I love when you get to go thru the pics afterward and realize just how funny things were. The bouquet toss, garder toss, and the group shot were hysterical. Thank you for that. =)


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