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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: kristina & jp's aftershoot - laguna beach, orange county, california

Sep 20, 2008

kristina & jp's aftershoot - laguna beach, orange county, california

commentator: ed

full commentary coming soon... for now, kindly please enjoy the photos. =)

//ed pingol

behind the scenes

pure wetness after that big wave. my couples are AWESOME!!!


OpenID natemathai said...

dude, images 1 and 4 are amazing...awesome work!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


You out did yourself again. When will it end?


Anonymous Sam said...

That first image is unlike anything I have ever seen. Ed, you are making history in the wedding industry.


Anonymous Kevin Lam said...

Love the two uniqueness of this. The two wave shots really rock though.

Blogger Reflections by the Hill said...

That first one with that huge wave. That is awesome. Gorgeous photo. I am still taking it all in.

Blogger George Natis said...

YOU ROCKED! Those are simply simply amazing. Some OSP bloglove.

Blogger erwinwijanto photography said...

Ed... It was an awesome session with you... I can't wait to post pictures from the wedding and post wedding.... Can't wait to see you and Monica here in Seattle in 2 months :)

Anonymous Darren Tse said...

wow Ed, these pics are wicked!!! too bad the water doesnt form waves up here in ottawa....and you would probably freeze to death....

Blogger Erin Harvey said...

Incredible. What an amazing shoot. How in the world did you get the lighting from above in that 3rd one? I am just blown away.


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