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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: maritess and edwin's wedding slideshow

Sep 9, 2008

maritess and edwin's wedding slideshow

commentator: ed

tess and ed played this slideshow you're about to see during their wedding reception. i was blown away and was a tad red in the cheek because of the amount of images used from their engagement session. several of the guest came up to us after seeing the slideshow asking for a business card. anyways, the reason why i wanted to share this with ya'll is:

1 - it's an awesome slideshow because you can really feel the love between ed and tess

2 - it shows how monica and i work with our clients =)



you can see their wedding and engagement session here.

//ed pingol


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the part where Ed hugs Ed.


Anonymous Jean P. (9/12/08) said...

GOOOO Tess and Ed! Wow, excellent images Ed and Mon! Very touching slideshow.

Anonymous marc said...

This is awesome, Ed. The images you captured are priceless.

Blogger Jess said...

I am so glad you posted this slideshow. What a sweet and loving couple.

This slideshow also clearly shows how hard you and Monica work during photo shoots. Choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions a couple must make in planning their wedding. Many photographers overpromise and underdeliver. As former clients, Jed and I can vouch for your incredible work ethic and dedication to your craft. We both wish you continued success Ed and Monica!

Blogger maritessb said...

modeling is such hard work =) jk! working with you two was the best. you both put us at ease. the creativity is never ending with you ed. we're glad to provide you this and hopes its shows everyone how well and hard you both work. maraming salamat!

thanks to my ed for doing the slide and marlon for doing the movie clippings.

Anonymous Kevin Lam said...

Nice touch with the behind-the-scenes Ed. I like how you handled the difficult lighting. The photos are awesome.

Blogger Mel O Photos said...

What a great tribute to yours and Monica's work; and how you make people feel during their sessions with you two.

I would love to see more behind the scene with Ed and Monica and see the end results like how it was shown here.

Melissa Ochoa


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