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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: maritess and edwin's e-session

Oct 24, 2007

maritess and edwin's e-session

commentator: monica

yerba buena gardens is where maritess described to edwin her dream engagement ring and later, they decided to have their engagement photos taken. so obviously edwin got it right! =)

this adorable twosome equal hilarity & creativity. as much as edwin tried to play off the fact that he wasn't as enthusiastic in planning the concepts behind the photos as his dear fiance, he definitely got into it and was just as animated for the camera in order to create some very cool images. the morning was spent creating displays that represent them, with their opposing laptop brands in their ongoing debate of whether mac is better than pc or vice versa; edwin's headphones, along with the shirts designed by maritess and worn by them during his dj-ing gigs; and their brand spankin' new iphones.

as much as they wanted some really humorous pictures, they also wanted more romantic photos photos, which we opted for at the palace of fine arts. these two are just as sweet as they can be funny...

congratulations, tess & ed! we can't wait to see what you have planned for your wedding in march!

//ed pingol

cool creative announcement (inspired by the image is found)

this is the place where it all began...

the mlk, jr. memorial waterfall

mac vs. pc

she's "with the dj!"

she's music to his ears...

all dolled up and getting ready for the trip to vegas!


commentator: ed

monica and i arrived early and we actually had time to fool around. only 1 pic of me... can you find it? = )

these are like monica's e-session shots with her beloved light stick! =)


Blogger Jonathan Canlas said...

wow. man, these are fantastic. i love the iphone shots. great job integrating all the things they are about and not having it be cheesy. you know, i've seen other folks attempt it and it ends up being lame. there is a word for your shots here, and it is the opposite of lame.

freakin rock star.

Blogger Tesszilla said...

WHOOO HOO!!!! THESE ARE AWESOME! I agree. I was afraid of cheesiness but you protrayed the ideas to be wonderful. Thank you Ed they're beautiful. I'm sooo glad we went with you and Monica.

Anonymous Ally said...

WOW! Awesome job! You really captured the essence of my friends Ed and Tess. All I can say is WOW!

Anonymous atrero said...

cool shots ya guys! and i'll say it again... monica's hoodie is dope! :)

Anonymous neighbourboy said...

Love 'em, Ed. Some of your most creative ones, yet.

Anonymous Chris Bunjamin said...

Very creative!! Love them.

Anonymous JakeB said...

Beautiful shots as always. Man, that's some shallow DOF in the ring shot.

Anonymous Jared Bludsworth said...

what lens did you grab that ring shot on?

Anonymous Ole Martin said...

Nr 1 is insanely awesome, very creative! =)

Anonymous dennisyvette said...

Awesome as always. Y

Anonymous Jerren said...

Man the theme here is awesome!

Anonymous Josh Evilsizor said...

very creative!!! love em!

Anonymous SAPierson said...


That's some awesome stuff there!!!

Anonymous Ed - the groom said...

Thank you very much Ed.. The pictures are great. You've made the bride-to-be VERY happy.. oh.. and the groom too =)

We cant wait until the wedding day...


Anonymous wilcox said...


High 5 for Mac :)

Anonymous loridecter said...

OMG! Adorable! You should totally submit those to Mac and see if you can get some repirations for advertising! :-D

I love the one of Edwin reflected in your sunglasses...

Anonymous nds24 said...

awesome pictures!!! I can't wait to see your wedding pictures!

Anonymous its.nicsknack said...

Wow...I'm so impressed with you pictures. The creativity, the quality, etc. They're amazing!!!

Again, I love your pics!

Anonymous SointoYou said...

Holy! Those pictures are awesome!

Anonymous ladydragn0325 said...

Those pictures are awesome! You both look great!

Lori-I second Ed Pingol Photography. He is our wedding photog and he captures really great pictures!

Anonymous myfiancesbrave said...

thanks ladies! i'm soo proud over them i had to share

Anonymous Kristen said...

wow they look so cool! Love the iphone ones, hehe. your photographer did a great job!! =D


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