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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: anne and frankie's wedding

Sep 26, 2007

anne and frankie's wedding

guest commentator: monica

the weather could not deter anne & frankie from having a fantastic wedding. originally planned was an outdoor wedding at the old homestead in crockett but due to the pending rain, was changed a few days before to community bible church and dance unlimited in downtown vallejo.
you wouldn't have know since their ceremony and reception were both seamless and beautiful, more than likely due to their fabulous wedding coordinators, for all occasions.

the lovely couple requested an on-location photo session with their bridal party, which we were really looking forward to. just as their plans had to be reshifted at the last minute, so did our's, as we decided against taking the bride across to mare island, with the strong possibility that the attendants may get lost finding our location. instead, we opted for the waterfront. just as we arrived at the ferry building, the clouds seemed to have broken into an awesome pattern of light and sky.

anne & frankie are definitely a couple that can overcome obstacles and adapt to change, having had to do so for their wedding... the smiles on their faces could not be dampered by any gray clouds and were an indication of how truly happy they were to be starting their life together. congratulations, anne & frankie!

//ed pingol

the weather brightened up just for anne & frankie

getting ready at the church

adorable young 'uns!

how awesome is it that anne's father not only "have her away" to frankie but also married the two of them!

the beautiful bride and her bridesmaids

strike a pose!

the rings

the entourage just before they were announced into the reception

first dance

the toasts

these ladies were awesome during the bouquet toss

the garter toss

tons of laughter throughout the entire evening!

dance, dance, dance...

...and more dancing!


Blogger Jonathan Canlas said...

holy crap ed pingol.

you never cease to amaze me.

when you become the famous international photog, oh wait, that already happened...

amazing man, just amazing.

Anonymous Kate Mefford said...

Ed! Those bouquet shots are crazy and some of the best I have ever seen...great post guys are just smokin'!

Blogger Jillian Kay said...

vibrant and gorgeous as always!! You rock!

Blogger Teana said...

i really like the bouquet toss sequence. that series is the best

Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

Love the 1st picture Ed.. The sky is awesome :) the Bouguet toss is Cool man.. ~erwin

Blogger Kristine said...

wow, so cool! love the angles and the shots at the waterfront! It looks like they just got off the boat! =)

Blogger Michael said...

Tight, tight, tight. Dude I have always dreamed of being a photographer, and you are living it! I attended this wedding and your pictures captured perfectly the beauty, love, and fun we had that day.


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