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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: andrya and mike's e-session

Aug 29, 2007

andrya and mike's e-session

commentator: monica

we love it when our clients are as into photography as we are. andrya works in the photography industry and mike seems just to be as interested in photography as she. the two will be wed next year in hawaii, where mike is originally from. since they'll be getting plenty of wedding photos featuring the scenes from his home, andrya wanted to be sure to get great shots of the place she calls home, along with including scenery that ties in with her beach themed wedding. there's no better place for that than baker beach to feature the sf icon that is the wondrous golden gate bridge.

such naturals in front of the camera and lending such personalized ideas for shots, we can't wait to photograph the wedding of this beautiful couple. congrats on your engagement, andrya & mike!

//ed pingol

can you tell mike's a spider man fan? here's his version of the spidie upside down kiss

sweet caresses

a preview of their custom cake toppers

checking out the view. they definitely like what they see!


mike's rockstar pose & andrya's model headshot

commentator: ed

so i've been collecting these behind the scenes photos of our adventures. i really enjoy them, but the problem is that no body else gets a chance to, sometimes not even monica, since this is all weeded out when i'm doing the post-processing of the photos. what i'd like to do from time to time is include somethings like these to kinda show you how dorky we really are and what we have to go through or do in order to get the shot. = )

my brother jeff, a.k.a "hammy" usually attends our e-sessions and some local weddings to help his ubber-cool brother, me. he helps out a ton with lifting gear as well as climbing jagged rocks to hold up lights and will even shoot on occasion.


Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

Ed.. Love the pictures.. The spiderman kiss looks cool lol.. his face soo red...
Behind the scene is awesome man.. Lucky you, you have 2 people helping out :) ~erwin

Blogger Jonathan Canlas said...

yeah, these are great. i would be careful with that upside down shot. anything sharp near his head and it would have exploded. good job ed.

Blogger Rob said...

Ed, love the photos. the behind the scene shots look COLD!!!!!!!!!!! haha, that's the SF summers for you.

Blogger ed atrero said...

that upside down kiss shot rocks! and that Philippines sweater is quite bad ass. :)

-another ed

Blogger Bumatay said...

Nice lighting - thanks for sharing that technique - I kind of wondered how you did some of your shots.

I love that crazy upside shot, and the otehr spidey pose in front of the bridge. Awesome work Ed!


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