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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: megan and scott's engagement session

Aug 5, 2007

megan and scott's engagement session

guest commentator: monica

their wedding is next year but since megan & scott are having a destination wedding at cabo, their "due date" for sending out their "save the dates" is quickly approaching! of course, they want to be able to include some beach photos for their wedding date notices. we originally set up to meet at the itty-bitty beach between berkeley and emeryville but unbeknowst to us, our chosen date/time was hiiiiiiiiigh tide! we opted for plan b instead and headed over the bridge to ocean beach.

through the drizzle, cold, and wind, this gorgeous couple grinned and beared it as they "frolicked" in the water and across the beach, as if on a hot summer day. "think warm," is what megan kept saying. i say "frolick" since scott was a little opposed to doing so prior to the shoot, though thankfully, he was convinced to do so by his lovely fiance. we think deep down he enjoyed it, as we caught a lot of laughter and smiles from the two of them doing so. =)

congratulations on your engagement, megan & scott! have a wonderful & warm trip down to mexico this month!

//ed pingol

all smiles for one another

footsteps in the sand

content in his arms

so... we've been noticing that "textures" are becoming more and more popular these days.
here's one for the lemming in me.


Anonymous Amorphia said...

Love the footsteps shot & there's one on your blog which is just of her face on his chest which I really like the crop of. She's going to be a beautiful bride to photograph!

Amorphia Photography
My blog

Anonymous david baxter said...

i love that footstep shot too! awesome work once again ed.

david baxter
ohana photography

Anonymous Geanette said...

Were you laying down when you took the footstep shot? Still learning, so I'd love the 411!


Anonymous JakeB. said...

I like it! All of them actually.

I've also always really liked your border application, is it something you created yourself?
You use a color mask based on one of the colors in each image?

Blogger ed pingol said...

hi jake-

these borders are done in photoshop right before i save for web. most can be done with actions and batched to save a TON of time.


Blogger Teana said...

i like that layered one. it has a fine art look about it. it looks really cool.

ryc: and those cupcakes? they were so good. lol.

Anonymous Zsolt Lengyel said...

Ed! What kind of program do you use to add these cool frames to your photos? Can you share these or some nice frame like these frame?

Anonymous nick furnari said...

Ed, you take great photos buddy.

Blogger ed pingol said...

Zsolt: i have photoshop add the borders. you can easily create them using actions. i'll try to find a "how to" on creating borders around your pictures. in the meantime, google is your friend. = )

nick: thanks!

Anonymous Geanette said...

"nope, i wasn't laying down. but i was crouching like a tiger and "shooting blind". what i did was set the focus point to where i think the footprints are going to be. the i just take several frames and chimp like a monkey to make sure i'm close to what i imagined.

hope that helps.


Totally...I think (haha)..I am not exactly sure what "chimp like a monkey" is, but I am assuming it is a REALLY advanced photographer technique! I got the crouching tiger and will try it out!



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