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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: drew and damian's album shoot

Jul 26, 2007

drew and damian's album shoot

guest commentator: monica

you may remember dl da arsun, a.k.a. drew, whom we photographed for his upcoming album, "work hard, play later." during this shoot, he requested that he and fellow rapper, mac dame, ak.a. damian, get some images ready for their newest project, "designated hittaz." what better way to feature them for this album but on a baseball diamond with some baseball bats.

//ed pingol

mac dame at dusk

don't mess with dl!


Anonymous DustinW said...

Awesome shots... love the sky in that first one.

Anonymous Scott Legato said...

Nice. Love the lighting!

Anonymous Eric Von said...

AWESOME...great work Ed

Anonymous canuck88 said...

These are great shots, especially for the subject matter...

Anonymous Victor Sizemore said...

Great shots Ed, keep it rockin'

Blogger ed pingol said...

thanks for all your comments and feedback. it really is greatly appreciated.

dpmurray- we added a speedlight being triggered with a PW set on 1/16th @ 24mm. i don't remember the actual camera setting though, but the flash inside the car was pointed towards the radio console for bounce lighting. we had another speedlight triggered by a PW camera left to highlight the car a little bit because it was just DARK.


Anonymous dpmurray said...

It came out very natural, and as I said, very cool. Thanks for the technique.

Anonymous spindeep said...

ED! those are freaking sick...Kudos to you man!

Anonymous Fridriksson said...

Dude... you totally rock this! Nr. 1 was a dead on at first glimpse.

Blogger melissakoehlerphotography said...

The first one is Outta this world! I love it! I think they are going to LOVE these!


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