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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: vi and vince's "pre-shoot"

Jul 2, 2007

vi and vince's "pre-shoot"

guest commentator: monica

denise and clarence, mutual friends of our's, decided to gift an e-session for vi and vince as their wedding gift. (they're such cool friends!) vi and vince are newlyweds, having recently had their civil ceremony, and will be on their way to cabo san lucas for their intimate destination wedding in a couple of weeks.

when they asked if they could bring their bridal attire, we assumed that vince had already seen vi in her wedding gown, though he had not! of course, we had to set up a a "first meeting" that we encourage all our couples to do just before the wedding ceremony, so they can have a few private moments to enjoy their "first glance" of one another and have it captured on camera.
so instead of a "trash the dress" session, i like to call this their "keep-the-dress-clean" pre-shoot.

baker beach was again the selected location and again, we were graced with awesome weather! (and several "full moons" of the nudists hanging out, enjoying the day.) the barracks provide a great backdrop, giving the scene a rustic, old-world spanish feel, a prelude to their destination wedding in mexico. and we couldn't help but take advantage of the platform with stairs, creating the illusion of a wedding cake tiers. this couple makes a beautiful cake topper!

congratulations, vi & vince! have a beautiful and fun wedding ceremony in mexico!

//ed pingol

a little glimpse into their first dance in a couple of weeks

the wedding rings

stealing away into a secluded area of baker beach and the "wedding cake"


Blogger Teana said...

okay, the handprints with the rings are too cute.

too cute ed. so quit it. j/k

have you looked around the presidio or even fort mason for picture spots? on the presidio they have those great looking captain home's and there is a nice rampart overlooking the bay in fort mason [behind the hostel] that has the gg bridge in the background and a cool cannon. i'm sure you could find other neat places to shoot around there too.

Anonymous Leslie168 said...

the hand print is my favorite

Blogger Jasmin said...

I like the cake topper look. The steps for that one photo looks like the cake layers.

Blogger Lisa Huynh said...

Best ring shot ever! Hands down. Pun intended. Great job as always Ed!

Anonymous KeepsakeGirl said...

The sand shot is just the coolest

Anonymous Tod Novak said...

They're all good, but I really like 1 & 2! The handprints in the sand with the rings is just great!

#5 is growing on me, but I kinda wish the couple was just a tad bit more in focus. Not much, just a little bit

Good job!

Anonymous JakeB. said...

cool shots Ed
Love the hand prints in the sand, though it's a little hard to see the rings.

Anonymous ~Kate said...

Your best work yet. Ab-so-freaking-lutely AWESOME in every sense of the word!

Nikon Homegirl
Juxtapose Photography -
Juxtapose This! (Blog) -

Anonymous nely said...

awesome stuff! love the ring shot! wowzers! your work is always so outstanding!

Anonymous Shan Renee said... creative and fun!

Shan Renée

Anonymous foghorn said...

Lovely shots as always.

Anonymous Mike Fulton said...

Great stuff, and yes I love the sand shot also, way to use your nogin'!

Looking forward to meeting you next month!


Mike Fulton

Anonymous Mark Eric said...

Ed- I LOVE these dude! Very creative.

Mark Eric

Anonymous pic said...

awww! I was totally thinking the ring shot too (#2) for an idea at the beach! except with footprints. Anyways, of course I think it's a great idea!!

Anonymous JenK said...

I am just loving the colors, and the creativity!
Both of those ring shots are awesome!
Oh and that stadium shot... How funny that looks like a tiered wedding cake and they are the topper! ROFL! So clever!

Finally I'm live!

Me new bloggy

Anonymous Manus Chau said...

#2 is so cool.

Manus Chau

Anonymous Lucky.Red.Hen said...

Sweet creativity and execution

Anonymous AKS said...

that is one of the most creative ringshots I have seen in a loooooong time. LOVE IT!

Anonymous Cliff B said...

Hey Ed, that is an AWESOME ring shot!

Anonymous rocksy said...

gorgeous ring shot!!

Anonymous JasonL said...

The hand shot is freakin awesome!

Anonymous Michelle M said...

Imaginative!! I love em!


Anonymous gabemc said...

Hot hot hot!!!!

Anonymous stevez32 said...

Great shots, love the color

Blogger Khanh said...

Wow....small world...

I stumbled upon your site while perusing the Fred Miranda Wedding forum and and see my cousin Vi !!! =)

You did a great job!

Blogger Denise said...

Finally took a look at these! WOW! Can't wait for you to take pictures for my wedding! Vi and Vince are so happy. You're worth the money! LOL

Anonymous kwong hui said...

stuning vibrant color, great color contrast photos, love them


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