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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: diane & carissa's m.u.a portfolio shoot

Jun 3, 2007

diane & carissa's m.u.a portfolio shoot

guest commentator: monica

diane and carissa are talented make-up artists (mua's) & hair stylists. such a sense of style and professionalism these two possess that they needed to be able to showcase their work. not only did they choose four beautiful young women and styled them to have four distinctive looks, but they decided to hold the shoot at a fantastic house in daly city (and were thoughtful enough to supply everyone with some yummy treats). this session was definitely different from the weddings and engagement shoots we're used to, not only because we had the luxury of on-site m.u.a's (just loved repeating, "diane... carissa... hair check!"), camera-welcoming subjects, but because we didn't have to endure freezing outdoor sf weather... okay, not really, since we did a short stint outside the house! take a look below of these gorgeous gals: models jasmin, krystle, jen, and darlene; and stylists-that-could-be-models-if-they-wanted-to: diane and carissa. congrats on a successful shoot, ladies! you were all so awesome to work with. =)

NOTE: these MUA's are AWESOME!!!

//ed pingol

calling tyra banks... here are your next top models

jasmin, the nubian princess

smokey, sultry krystle

retro, mod jen

"rocker barbie" darlene

carissa, diane, and their model masterpieces


Blogger Diane said...'re truly the best (of course you too Monica)! The pictures are amazing and I can't believe how well they turned out. I am very pleased with the effort, professionalism, and creativity you put into this project. The best husband and wife team ever! Let's do it again. Love both of you dearly!

Anonymous Victor Sizemore said...


Great shots man! I going to have to come back to SF for a lighting session, wow! Talk to you soon...

Blogger Michael Norwood said...

dang ed. the lighting in these is off the hook. killer shots man!


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