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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: Angela and Paul's E-Session

May 7, 2007

Angela and Paul's E-Session

guest commentator: monica

as typical as it is for most of our clients to want to include sf or at least a landmark of sf in the backdrop, this couple was the exception. angela and paul told us they don't care too much for the city and are much more outdoorsy and sporty. we decided on pt. reyes for the quaint town which is far from the hectic, harried, cosmopolitan lifestyle and includes great views of the ocean not too far away. what a great way to spend a leisurely sunday with such spectacular weather...

our first stop included a stroll through the "downtown" area of first street. tiny little shops peppered the street, with names that include at least one word of "organic," "natural," or "healing" it seems. seems like this town hadn't seen such excitement in awhile as onlookers paused to take a look at this gorgeous couple who everyone could tell are total lovebirds. and after our brief tour of the main hub of the town, we set out for drakes beach. of course, our driving trips to each destination always include pulling over to do "just one more shot" when we see something interesting along the way.

instead of being able to finally relax and enjoy the beach, we hiked up a steep trail to capture some fantastic overview shots of the coast. (did i mention paul did all of this after just having had surgery on his leg?) finally at the beach, we got a chance to play around with the very flat and slightly damp sand, on which paul neatly wrote "plan a," which signifies their commitment to one another in this life and ditching any other alternative plans.

enjoy these images of this beautiful couple, in their element. congrats, angela and paul. can't wait for your wedding in june!

//ed pingol

there's no "plan b" for this couple! they are each other's only "plan."

beach babes at play!

as if in heaven

a re-enactment of the proposal. of course she said "yes" again!

so in love

a chance to sit down and enjoy each other's company

on california 1, with his #1.


Anonymous Julie Walton said...

Nice pictures, and I really love how you customize the logo frame to bring out colors in the pictures. Very professional.

Anonymous lisa said...


and I love how playful, colorful and fun your work is too!

Anonymous Nataly Lemus said...

Beautiful photos!! I love the color!

Anonymous Greg said...

beatiful, lovely PP


Anonymous Jason Ryman said...

Good stuff!

J a s o n _ R y m a n _ P h o t o g r a p h y

Anonymous Euphony010 said...

Strobes in number 3? What kind?

Great work!

Anonymous Casey Benson said...

are you doing a custom white balance? looks very nice.

Anonymous shawnstarr03 said...

wow, hot of the press huh! i like the top on #3 and right side of #4 the best. You did a great job cleaning up the footprints around the letters. I don't know where you find the time to do all this.


Anonymous Eyeball said...

Just a couple of comments from a non-pro:

Technically (lighting, composition, color), your pics are exceptional.

As I look through your posted pics, however, I can't help noticing the lack of facial close-ups showing reactions, emotions, etc.. In this last series, for example, the subjects are mostly taken in profile (I'm not sure I could pick the guy out of a line-up ).

You have some exceptions (the bride and groom heads-shot from your last series should be on the cover of Brides magazine) but most of the shots you have posted seem to be farther away, posed, "environmental" shots.

Maybe you have the more candid pics and have just chosen not to post them but I thought I would make the observation for your consideration. Adding a little candid emotion to your already excellent technical presentation would take you close to perfection.

Dennis - 30+ year amateur (and still learning!)

Anonymous Manus Chau said...

nice photos!! #1 looks cool.

Manus Chau

Anonymous Allison B said...

love the interaction between the couple. Great session and so at ease! Love the frames too.

Anonymous Tawny said...


Anonymous CL Park said...

Actually, I love all of them but #2 makes me mad I didnt get it and envious cause your so good and happy because its inspiring.
Hows that.


Blogger Teana said...

you guys look like you all have so much fun on your shoots. i love the energy you always manage to capture

Anonymous Erwinw said...

gorgeous shots as always Ed...

Anonymous Leo Patrone said...

I love #3. You are awesome.

Blogger Jillian Kay said...

holy mother of technicolor! those are absolutely stunning!

Blogger Bumatay said...

Stunning colors and good variety of shots. I see the life and love between them - I appreciate how they're into each other, and seem unaware of the camera.

Blogger Desiree said...

Wow! Eddie, you're great! If you ever need a helper, let me know :) Was that Adriana L. from Franklin as your geisha?? Cool!!

Blogger Mark Stagi said...

Beautiful work!


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