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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: angela and paul's wedding - pleasanton, ca

Jun 23, 2007

angela and paul's wedding - pleasanton, ca

guest commentator: monica

ceremony and reception: palm event center

breathtaking... yes, the palm event center is a place of lush vineyards, awesome architecture, high-class & service to match. they definitely know how to "do" weddings. although a bit breezy, the weather in pleasanton was actually great for angela & paul's big day. we started at the bride's parents' residence where the ladies dolled up, consuming a delectable spread of meats, cheeses, fruits, and of course, bubbly. check out their cute "getting ready attire." then off to the p.e.c., where we took advantage of the great scenery at the venue before the outdoor ceremony. we just love weddings where the ceremony and reception are held at the same place! after the ceremony, the guests were invited indoors, into a large room with 30-ft. ceilings and oak barrels lining the interior... breathtaking, i tell ya! we even got a chance to steal away for a few moments at dusk to get capture some pics in the vineyard & with their getaway car.

congratulations, angela & paul!

and thanks to lisa for co-shooting along with us!

//ed pingol

the rings

the attire

primping for the big day

the parents can't help but check in on their little girl. guess who's most nervous?

the veil, garter, and flowers

the bride and her bridesmaids

struttin' their stuff!

the lovely ladies of the wedding

the groom and his groomsmen

the vows & the "string" of love that binds them together

the estate room

the honeymoon transportation and dusk in the vineyard

these two are a "barrel" of fun! a moment to enjoy their new status as husband and wife.

the delicious banana cake & reception details

the first dance

cake-cutting (cake by: sue faina)

the garter toss

the bouquet toss

partying it up with their guests!


Anonymous teana said...

wow ed, wow. i LOVE them all! what a cute couple.

Anonymous hope said...

In the words of Bartok...

"Wow. I tell you what, wow!"

Anonymous Manus Chau said...

that ring shot is nice... blingin...

your photography is awesome!!

Anonymous alexis said...

great pics! they will LOVE really captured their day...

Anonymous sarah salyer said...

You never let me down! Everytime I see a new wedding by you I get excited! You always do such and outstanding job!! In the fourth set what is the groom doing in the small picture? Jumping? It looks really cool!!

Anonymous StefanosL. said...

Cool work!!

Anonymous ngoduyviet said...

Wonderful work.
Last picture, the lady on the left, is that her arm?

Anonymous john salgado said...

wow very nice,I love your lighting,your style, excellent work!

Anonymous SENSEI888 said...

lighting is simply amazing!

very nice work!!

Anonymous matthew donalay said...

an ispiration. lovely colors

Anonymous Sarah Odul said...

WOW! I want my wedding to look like that.

Anonymous Mike Mahoney said...

Great work, really enjoyed your blog.

Anonymous goofball said...

Wow, these are amazing!

Anonymous Fridriksson said...

The pictures are wonderful. I have to say I really do love the finishing touches you have done, the frame especially and how the layout is. Outstanding!

Anonymous photogirl1 said...

Absolutley Stunning!! What a great Day and Some Great looking people!!!

Can I ask What Lens''s do you use??

Blogger ed pingol said...

thank for the support my fellow photogs, but compliments can't push us forward. i'm looking for someone to tear these images apart.

any taker? let's discuss!!! 04.gif

oh, and don't worry about hurting my feelings... i can take it.


Anonymous melody said...

I think I'll just quit now.

There's nothing to tear apart, they're all sickeningly perfect.

Anonymous San Diego Barefoot Memories said...

I'll try my hardest to tear & rip .... if you help me get an action that will create blog/post-ready images like yours: logo, little keyline, colored border w/a swirlee (I'd use my waves), drop shadow....
It will be hard work to find anything to cc, but I'll try

do we have a taker????

Anonymous jillian kay said...

holy cow ed!!

these are incredible!!!

Anonymous tami said...

well, they all look completely out of focus. w00t.gif

haha. just put my glasses on..... nana.gif


Anonymous 57suzi said...

I have really been enjoying your posts, Ed. This one is just lovely/ So many great captures. I love your work.

Anonymous paula luna said...

awesome work, guys! the chair is actual mike's handy work (pretty freakin' amazing, huh!) we're now taking orders for fall shipments. haha.

Blogger Jillian Kay said...

um, wow!! ed, these are simply stunning!!

Anonymous SchmidtS&G1 said...

tear em apart??????? yeah right.... if we could find anything to rip on... alas we cannot! LOVE EM!

Anonymous Lisa said...

Ed and Monica-
What great work! So glad that you got the "dip" shot-very cool!

Thanks for having me out to shoot with you all-
I had a blast and am glad we got to work together

Ed and Monica work so well together and get sooo much done
in a day! Creative Power team!

I knew you would already have your images up!

I headed off to the lake today with my family but will burn you some DVD's
of my shots and drop them in the mail tomorrow-

Email me your address!!

Thanks again for a great evening Ed and Monica


Anonymous Lynn said...

Yeah! Love your posts, Ed! You always have such a cool variety in your coverage! Love the night shot with the bride against the car - is that some of your pocket wizardry? And the backlit dance shots...LOVE'EM! smile.gif


Anonymous Lynn said...

Looked to find something to critique...and it is near impossible! smile.gif smile.gif The group shot at the reception is a little hot, but with those expressions...who cares?! With that gorgeous shot of the b+g at the door, as a complimentary shot, it might be cool to back up a bit to get the whole reflection on a really wide angle...that's the best .02 I can give - love this set!

Anonymous Amy Martin said...

LOVE the bride on the car! And the first (?) dance shots! Love all the little thingies floating in the air

Anonymous Nicole Spainhower and Sean Newell said...

Sean and I looooove the picture of the rings and the one of the Bride and Groom in front of the doors. There are some huge doors at our wedding site we're thinking would turn out well with a similar picture. ;)
Gorgeous work!!!


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