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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: katie and steve's wedding

Jun 11, 2007

katie and steve's wedding

this past weekend, i shot katie and steve's awesome wedding with the very talented Lisa Richmond from LISA RICHMOND PHOTOGRAPHY and her up-and-coming apprentice Marie Reiko who is a pro when it comes with wines, cheese and "truffles". if you are in the area of tahoe/pollock pines area, you must check her out cause her work is pretty friggin' awesome, not to mention that she has her own in-home studio. it's a must see.

katie and steve's wedding was very chill and down to earth. so much so, that katie didn't even wear any shoes... yes, she was wed barefoot and the groom with all the groomsmen all wore slippers. how cool is that?!?!

venue: high sierra iris and wedding gardens

//ed pingol

the venue

"stevie" getting ready - no shoes to be found here

everyone helped everyone out

beautiful ladies with beautiful details to match

so many things to shoot... you can't go wrong.

everyone can feel that love is in the air

kiss, kiss and more kisses

the grooms found a way to keep themselves occupied by throwing rocks at tadpoles while we shot the newlyweds

the speeches is my favorite part because i love seeing the bride and groom get embarrassed as the "dirty laundry" spills out. check out stevie's face on the lower left side of this pic below

first dance

would you believe me if i say that there were no alcohol served?

the mustang was "decked out" complete with hearts painted on the tail lights


Anonymous NMPhotography said...

gorgeous as always!

Anonymous quan said...

love it, your pictures are just screaming for attention. I love all of ur interesting angles, ur layout is kwel too, i like how the grooms' men have on flipflops

Anonymous berrywise said...

I dunno socks and sandals? I thought they only did that here in Minnesota!

Enjoyed the photos.

Anonymous Thats Fresh said...

another great set.

Anonymous jermscentral said...

I love your pictures from Katie and Steve's wedding! To satisfy my own curiosity, what are you shooting with? I didn't see any listings in a signature, so I'm wondering. I know equipment doesn't mean everything, but heck, the right equipment sure does make the job easier!

And what program do you use for post? I've been a DPP user, but I don't seem to get the colors that I see here. I love the contrast and colors that you bring out, and if you have any post-processing secrets, I'd love to know what they are.

Anonymous MA5EN said...

Beautiful work Ed!

Anonymous erwinw said...

Ed, Love the colorful images..
Beautiful work as always...


Blogger Chris+Lynn said...

Love those getting ready shots - the groom in the mirror especially! So glad I discovered your blog - great images!

Blogger Peter C said...

1st time here. Great Work Ed!. Bookmarked in my 'wedding portfolio' favourites!

Blogger Justin Marantz said...

Hey Ed, great work! I also love that first groom set! Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see more.

Anonymous amanda reynolds said...

Beautiful your fresh perspective and beautiful colors! Glad I found you, I'll definitely be looking more often. Keep up the great work.


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