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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: jen & ron's wedding

Aug 27, 2007

jen & ron's wedding

commentator: monica

our usual clients love photos more than the average. jen, is one who "throws the curve off" and has an undeniable, incurable photo fetish. (seriously, she even updated her myspace page with photos from her wedding in less than 24 hours!) and as much as she loves taking pictures, she loves the color red, which was included prominently in the wedding decor of their wedding. she even had red trim on her dress and veil and even her shoes were red! jen & ron were wed on a gorgeous day at rancho solano in fairfield, ca.

we started our day off by photographing ron during the "downtime" of the morning. the groom's prep place is usually pretty quiet and ron's was even more quiet since he put on the last few pieces of his attire in his parents' backyard. with the entire outfit white, we made sure to include some color in the backgrounds.

the brides' prep place, of course, is much more of a bustling scenario and jen's was no different, as not only were her bridesmaids there but it became the meeting spot for her extended family and the groom and groomsmen to catch a ride to the venue. fortunately, the lovely couple's home, which they recently purchased, is large enough to accommodate lots of people and a couple of sneaky cats who were too curious to stay in their designated room.

their beautiful, heartfelt ceremony was followed by a quick trip to the lake, under the willow tree, which is a scenic spot for all the weddings at rancho solano. and to make our trip even quicker, we were given the keys to borrow two golf carts to drive around the course. sweet!

the reception included lots of festivities with a surprise hula performance by chelsea, one of jen's bridesmaids (whose wedding we'll be shooting next year), live entertainment provided by jen's dad's band, and even a solo number sung excellently by the multi-talented jen. it seemed like the fun would never end, with the dance floor full the entire night. jen & ron definitely know how to throw a party!

congratulations, jen & ron! hope you had an awesome time on maui!

//ed pingol

ron's white attire, with a little color

"captain morgan" pose

the ring and the red details

getting into her gown, with the help of tracy, her maid of honor and sister

the beautiful entourage, playin' it up for the camera "jen style!"

at the venue, just before the ceremony

the walk down the aisle

after over 10 years, the moment is here with plenty of tears of joy!

the stunning wedding party

the magnificent willow tree and lake

yummy cake by sue faina. check out the hilarious wedding topper!


chelsea's surprise performance

jen's performance with the band

jen's bridal fashion shot. she's such a great model!


Blogger Jeff Youngren said...

These are all so fun! I love the ring shot! What lens did you use?

Blogger Thomas said...

I am a FredMiranda reader, and always love stumbling across your stuff. Great shots as always

Blogger Maritess said...

Hey Ed! These pictures are great! You out did yourself again.

Anonymous tony Yu said...

Maybe you should lead a workshops??? Seriously dude, you ROCK!!!

Anonymous kacy said...

Just Beautiful! Great Job!

Anonymous Nichanh said...

You do ROCK! Thank you for put information about the setting. I always love to know how you got the shots. Awesome work Ed!


Anonymous lucky red hen said...

Lovely. How in the world did you get that ring shot so sharp at f2.8? Tripod or was that the "lucky" you mentioned (which I doubt, of course, I'm just being silly)?

Anonymous Mike Warren said...

Great shots Ed!!!

Anonymous nick furnari said...

Ed! i love the info you give. I'm just curious do you shoot in AP mode? and then also do you find that you have to clone out sensor dust when you shoot outside backlit at small apertures? I tried a shot last week where I slowed the shutter down to 1/15 to blur a train going by the couple, set the aperture at f/14 and had about 6 dust spots scattered thoughout the sky and a bunch of noise...

Anonymous Sarah Seeley said...

Beautiful captures!

Anonymous unblinkable said...

That's the crispest ring image I've ever seen posted on here.

Anonymous RedWhiteandRed said...

Ditto on the ring picture - very lovely. In truth all of the pics are fabulous.

Blogger ed pingol said...

hi nick-

wow, you guys are fast. i shoot mainly in manual mode... that way, i always know what the camera is doing. generally, when i'm shooting images with apertures between f/13-22 i use a camera with a freshly cleaned sensor. = ) if you have small dust spots, you simply just go in and fix with the many tools that photoshop offers.


Anonymous Yohan Pamudji said...

Manual mode? Man, how do you guys do that? Do you use the in-camera meter to verify your settings at all or do you just know what exposure settings to use for a particular scene? I don't think I could ever think that quickly on my feet. It's hard enough to compose a decent shot, let alone figure out the exposure in my head. Almost the only time I ever use M is when shooting flash at night and letting E-TTL handle the flash output level.

And what's "lucky" about these shots? Looks like all skill to me Note to self: get serious about learning how to use off-camera flash.

Anonymous M Tahir said...

phewww... i am still catching my breath after looking to that blog ... you are the inspiration to us all noobs (at least to me ) I always wait for your pics to c and learn from those shoots, the most amazing thing in your pics are the light control ... man that's really some amazing and magical stuff you have... but again you are my guru in photog... keep'em coming please

Anonymous john salgado said...

`Ed, thank you for giving me so much inspiration to become a better photographer . You have set the bar very high. Your work is amazing ....js

Anonymous 57suzi said...

No kidding about that ring shot, looks like a jewelry ad! Thanks so much for the post, Ed.

Anonymous sejanus said...

absolutely superb ring shot

hmm, makes me want to buy a 100mm.

Blogger Jeff Youngren said...

This comment has been removed by the author.


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