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Aug 10, 2007

one day - two ways workshop

it was great to finally meet the talented nate, susan, erwin and palos this past thursday. so much talent and energy all packed into the one day - two ways workshop. the workshop was fun and it was great to meet all the other students. i didn't take as many photos as i had thought... bummer, but i'm sure everybody else did! hope to see more photos of the day soon. but for now, just click here or on the images below to see more of what we did at the workshop.


the result of the photo taken from above... thx nate

//ed pingol


Anonymous gary said...

WOW! That guy has hops.

Anonymous canuck88 said...

It looks like you had fun. Awesome photos like always.

Anonymous whitney said...

I wanted to go to that workshop too. But it had sold out.

Anonymous erwin wijanto said...

Dude... You are fast .....
I've just arrived in Seattle today.. and getting ready to head out for the wedding this afternoon.. I am sooo tired :(... It was great to finally met you... FUN Times LOL... Thx for the post.. ~erwin (I'll post mine later this weekend)

Blogger Teana said...

you went?! yay! i've been reading about it on nate's blog. can't wait to hear about and see all the stuff you learned!

Anonymous johann chan said...

yo ed. nice meeting you at the workshop. thanks for your tips. your blog is SO COOL, i added you to my google reader. peace!


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