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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: Jasmin and Jerome's Wedding

Aug 9, 2007

Jasmin and Jerome's Wedding

commentator: monica

what a lovely wedding for a lovely couple... the day started out catching a few shots of jerome and his groomsmen before we headed to the union hotel in benicia, an historic hotel built in the 1800s and recently reopened within the last few years, where jasmin and her mom and bridesmaids prepped for the big day. jasmin was as calm as a cucumber and was looking gorgeous! her choice in hotel accommodations definitely complemented the reception venue to come after the ceremony.

then, off to st. vincent's ferrer parish we went to meet up with jerome and his guys. they were a fun bunch to be around and seemed to love being in front of the camera.

the admiral's mansion on mare island is one of the several mansions that line the main street, once used as housing for the naval officers and their families before the closing of the base. reminiscent of old plantation days and "gone with the wind," we were sure to take advantage of the architecture outside the mansion, as well as the decor inside. the reception was held outside in the garden dedicated to mare island's official gardener. what a beautiful location and such great weather for a wedding in august.

congratulations, jasmin & jerome! can't wait for your aftershoot next month. =)

//ed pingol

jerome got his guys matching silk boxers

jasmin and her ladies getting ready at the union hotel

all these ladies were excited to see jasmin "tie the knot"

jasmin and her beautiful bridal party

twirling her skirt in front of an awesome stained glass window

huddling up and giving the pep talk just before the ceremony starts

the anticipation just before the ceremony

the ceremony

time to celebrate!

they did it! hooray for jasmin & jerome!

the lovely jasmin with the guys

on the staircase inside the mansion

first dance

bouquet toss!

sunflare shot of the lovebirds

sis, jasmin, and cousin's "jumping" shot

the details... check out the photo guestbook (printed through blurb) they created of their e-pics we shot of them, next to jasmin's parents' wedding photo

slooooow exposure


Blogger Teana said...

oooh very nice. i was just there for a wedding a few weeks back. it's such a lovely venue. can't wait for the rest!

Blogger A Precious Moment Photography said...

These are awesome Ed. I really enjoyed second shooting with you and I learn a lot. You are an amazing photographer.

Anonymous Ryan Estes Photography said...

Your use of light is great, Ed, and I love the colors. The last shot is especially creative... I'm a little distracted by the stained glass windows in the 1st one, but it's still a very good shot.

(Gotta say I've done the saltshaker/ring thing as well, but never with as much success as you have here.)

Ryan Estes Photography

Commercial Blog


Anonymous Mike Mizzell said...

Ed! Good job dude!!
Where did I see this post before? OSP? (wink)

Blogger ed pingol said...

i've been getting a lot of PM's asking what the rings are on... would anybody like to take a guess before i spill the beans?


Anonymous Iberian said...

Pepper shaker?

Anonymous Jared Bludsworth said...

salt shaker? haha
Is there anyway you could explain how you got that last shot?

what lens did you use for the ring shot?

Blogger ed pingol said...

salt shaker - correct.

for ringshots like the one above, i use a modified 18-55mm efs kit lens. i'll take a picture and try to explain later.

for the last shot, we took a 3.5 second exposure set to black ambient... popped 3 flashes manually as she made her way to the groom and popped a stronger flash from a different strobe flash to finish the shot. we took 2 trys and 2 test... finished the shot in 4 minutest to go back to the party.

we had to pre-focus before shooting because we were in a room that was almost completely dark.

hope that helped.


Anonymous Kate Mefford said...

WOW! You never cease to amaze me! Love your color and clarity, Ed...timeless and fun all wrapped up into one!

Anonymous rocksy said...

wonderful set!
can you tell me what light setup do you used on the 8 shot, and the shutter speed ?
Thank you!

Blogger ed pingol said...

rocksy: awesome question. this shot was shot with with 2 sb-28 mounted on a monopod held way up by an assistant on full power triggered by a PW. my camera settings was at 100iso 1/250th @ f/13.

hope that helps!


Anonymous govinda jaya said...

those are fantastic...i love the first one...and i really like the stained glass.


Anonymous nate reynolds said...

The first 8 are great.

nate reynolds

"Maybe poker's just not your game. I know! Let's have a spelling contest!"

Avatar by Amanda. She's one hot turtle.

Turtle Pond Photography

Blab, errr..... Blog

Blogger JR said...

Great shots!

The PP on your shots are fabulous esp with the saturated colors and vignetting...brilliant!

Continue your great work.


Anonymous Paige Elizabeth said...

"The first 8 are great."

Silly, silly... = )

Love that capture of the lttle girl and the mansilk is hilarious!

Paige Elizabeth Photography

Anonymous Bruce Erik Steffine said...


Bruce Erik Steffine
Bellissima Design Solutions

Anonymous Chelsea said...

Once again, you did a GREAT job Ed!!!! These pictures are amazing...and I'm totally diggin your slow exposure pic!!! LOVE IT!


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