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Aug 15, 2007

We've been tagged!

thanks, bobbi+mike, for tagging us in this blog game for photographers.

the rules are for me to share eight interesting facts about me, and pass this along to eight other photographers to do the same. here's some random trivia about us.

  1. we both have full-time jobs outside of photography. and yes, we know that's a little crazy!
  2. we have a love for all things that live in the sea and are edible when raw. read: sushi-holics!
  3. ed's fave tv shows: build it bigger, dirty jobs, ninja warrior; monica's faves: 30 rock, heroes, grey's anatomy, cash cab, good eats
  4. ed's fave color: yellow; monica's fave: red
  5. we attended rival high schools in the same town and each think we went to the "better" high school.
  6. we have a mini weiner dog named "lola," which means "grandma" in tagalog (filipino). and no, we didn't name her.
  7. we love salsa dancing & snowboarding... not at the same time, though.
  8. ed's childhood fave food: carabao (buffalo) milk over rice sprinkled with sea salt; monica's childhood/current fave food: granny smith apple slides dipped in salt & vinegar

here are the eight photographers that we're tagging. all have commented on the blog at least onceā€¦ so hopefully they'll see their name here. check their blogs to see!

feel free to share your interesting facts about yourselves, readers!

//ed pingol


Anonymous lola, the weiner dog said...

facts about me: i love toilet paper. i love laying out in the sun. i love door stoppers. and meat! feed me more, please! =)

Blogger Bobbi said...

I like to wear ugly sunglasses only because it embarrasses my husband... shh... ":D


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