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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: kelly and ben's wedding

Aug 21, 2007

kelly and ben's wedding

commentator: monica

you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day in tahoe for kelly & ben's wedding with an awesome summer breeze and the bluest of blue skies. ahhh... nothing like that fresh mountain air with a hint of pine. we arrived early saturday morning at the plumpjack inn, situated in squaw valley's olympic village, and considered one of the top 50 ski hotels in this continent. this gem boasts award-winning cuisine, whimsical decor, and combines the best of both worlds of a ski lodge and fine resort.

kelly, to some, may be considered an "unconventional bride." she donned flowers in her hair instead of a veil. she opted out of the traditional tosses of the bouquet and garter and even decided on a dessert buffet instead of a traditional wedding cake. kelly had a beautiful wedding gown that was floor length with no train. when guests reminded her to avoid getting her dress dirty, she nonchalantly carried on, not minding any traces of dirt on her dress, even so far as to do the worm. yes, this bride actually got down on her stomach and wiggled her way across the dance floor.

kelly's relaxed composure resembled ben's own during the preparation for the day. even when word got out that there may be delays due to a fire on highway 99, he didn't seem phased one bit. his friends seemed to be adding to his laid-back attitude, as they were very much eager to goof off in front of the camera.

the theme of their wedding was "nature," with their rock place "cards" and woven twig arch. how fitting this theme was not only in the physical adornment of the venue but through the couple's presence and the vibe in the actual ceremony and reception. kelly & ben's ceremony was as lovely and easygoing as the two of them are, personalizing their vows with humor and honesty. and their reception was definitely as fun for them as it was for their guests.

congratulations on your marriage, kelly & ben!

//ed pingol

sunflare kiss shot

the ladies getting ready

and she thinks she's not photogenic! what a gorgeous bride and lovely bridesmaids!!

details of the rings, the infamous "medallions," and the vows

the gentlemen getting ready. check out ben, who is quite handy with the needle and
thread, as he resews one of his jacket buttons on.

the handsome and goofy fellows

walking down the aisle

the ceremony

who doesn't love a jumping shot?!

the beautiful venue

kelly's (and now ben's) dad's heartfelt and humorous speech

the fun-loving guests

what?! their first dance wasn't a ballad or a ballroom dance routine?!
told ya this couple is nontraditional. their dance had everyone cheering!

their guests looooved to dance!

proof that the bride actually did the worm in her dress! =)


Anonymous erwin wijanto said...

Whoa...Ed... Another beautiful wedding.. You've done it again :) ~erwin

Blogger Teresa said...

Wow, just wow!!! That first is amazing. I love them all, but wow that first shot actually made me gasp out loud. You are truly an artist.

Blogger Amy Martin said...

Awesome :)

Blogger Diana Lyn said...

I really like the b&w under "the ceremony" :) nice, Ed! IF I ever get married, I know who I'm going to! Haha

Blogger Jillian Kay said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Blogger Teana said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous :: Louis Palos :: said...

Solid Ed! Some new tricks on shot number 1 ??? Looks cool!

Anonymous RK Studios said...

Nice! shots love the lighting.

Anonymous Tony Cluley said...

It certainly works for me as well. Keep up the excellent work.

Anonymous Sarah Seeley said...

Love them all

Anonymous Ross said...

Nice shots, love the off camera lighting, great to see more people using it at weddings...

Anonymous JakeB said...

Great shots Ed...

Since you're in the sharing mood, how in the world do you get such a perfect flare from the sun as in # 7?
Whenever I do this, it turns into a balloning pile of crap.

Blogger ed pingol said...

i really bring my f-stop way high when i'm shooting towards the sun... sometimes as high as f/22. but in order to properly expose your subject in the frame, you'll need more power (hence the 2 SB-28).

try this at night. take a picture down the street at f/3.5... then try f/19 (you'll have to compensate your shutter speed to get proper exposure - use a tri pod or simply set your camera down somewhere).

now look at the difference of the "flares" from the street lamps. you'll get some pretty cool flares @ f/19.

= )


Anonymous JakeB said...

Thanks Ed.

You know... now hat you spell it out for me, this information was in the back of my mind somewhere, I just never think to use it.
I'm still training myself to just act without thinking.

Thanks for the help.

Anonymous Frank DiMeo said...

Niiiiiiiicce Ed, but your stuff always is

Anonymous M. Chau said...

thanks for sharing. it's encouraging. great photos as always.

Anonymous monicaL said...

beautiful work as always

Anonymous Mike Fulton said...

GREAT STUFF my friend!

Anonymous dave richards said...

+1. Ed, you are the MAN! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous tony Yu said...

Thank you for this!! It is people like that make this place great!!! notworthy.gif

Tony Yu

Anonymous Shawn Reeder Photography said...

Awesome work Ed!! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous Eric Von said...

That is so amazing....inspirational really.

Anonymous Melissa O said...


Thanks for sharing these with the technical stuff; I always love your posts and admire your work. The blog images are great

Anonymous Julie said...

Love your take on the shoe shot!


Anonymous lukiedukie said...

I often look at work like yours and wonder how they shot that-what lighting, iso ect. I love your work.

Anonymous john salgado said...

Ed , can't thank you enough for sharing, and you're view on giving back, or paying forward , will serve you well . Hope I can do the same someday for you ......js

Anonymous conrad said...

yup along with others here..thanks for the info...It was really helpful that you had the info along w/ the shots you take and the lens..Especially the tip about the different stops while shooting into the sun..


Anonymous Felix Nadar said...

Ed, your philosophy is as excellent as your photography. I like the shallow DOF, and definitely the use of off camera lighting.

Anonymous quan said...

u da man ed, love how you give the info on ea shot. Nicely done, VERY interesting lighting, GREAT contrast/color/composition

Anonymous frank said..., your unstoppable. Your work keeps blowing my socks off!

frank amodo

Anonymous Tanya Perez said...

These are awesome Ed! :)


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