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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: joy and john's wedding

Sep 18, 2007

joy and john's wedding

guest commentator: monica

it's amazing to me how many couples we've shot that have been together for over a decade... it's definitely an awesome honor. joy and john are high school sweethearts and their families had been waiting sooooo long for this day. self-proclaimed socalifornians at heart, they planned their union to be an intimate 30-person affair in the late afternoon glow on a cliff overlooking laguna beach, with a view almost as beautiful as this couple. it seemed there was not a dry eye witnessing this couple profess their love and commitment to one another.

a week later and after much-needed r&r on maui, joy and john returned to the bay to throw a fun-filled celebration for a much larger group of their family and friends. more pictures of the "afterparty" to come soon...

congratulations, joy & john! we couldn't be more happy for you both and wish you a marriage filled with lots of love, laughter, and "tarpolines." =)

//ed pingol

first dance as husband and wife under the heavens
photo also known as: "check mate"

beautiful ceremony overlooking the pacific at laguna beach

the rings

getting ready. fabulous hair and make-up by our favorite, the lovely diane

"lipgloss is poppin'"



who knew an elevator could look this good?

the bride & groom


Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

the elevator one is so cool Ed. Good job ~erwin

Blogger Ms.Bunn said...

This has got to be one of your BEST work thus far, Ed! AWESOME!!!

Anonymous ronda birtha said...

I was quickly passing through, but just wanted to say, awesome images ... simply awesome. I love the quality at the high iso. These were a joy to view.

Anonymous cathy said...

Thank you for posting the technical information for each picture, it really helps to learn what compositions you use! Your excellent work is truly inspirational!


Anonymous joel knepper said...

As always, love your stuff. #5 is just breathtaking!

Anonymous fstop212 said...

outstanding as usual

Anonymous Stephanie said...



Anonymous Ray Soemarsono said...


Pretty bride. Solid job.

Are we still lunching this Friday? I'll email u.

Anonymous Meri Lindhorst said...

I love it when you post the techie stuff for us, I had a general question, either for you or anyone else on here. In what situations do you find you want to use a narrow aperture? I tend to open up as wide as I am able, but I see a lot of great images using f11 and up. In what situations do you find yourself in that makes you decide to use a narrow aperture?

Basically, what are some of the best reasons to use a narrow aperture?

Anonymous diggitydawg510 said...

All I see are $$$ shots here. That is all.

you rock, man.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful as always, Ed. Thanks again for the exposure info as well. I'm guessing that you added some of the stars in #1. I wouldn't imagine you'd actually pick any up at 1/30th and F11, even at ISO 1600?


Anonymous casey benson said...

thanks for the added info on lighting...

Blogger ed pingol said...

meri: awesome awesome question. in this situation, it's good to know what shutter speed vs aperture actually affects. in this case, the picture you're speaking of uses an f-stop of 11... but before i dig into that, here's a little recap from

"Shutter speed refers to the amount of time that the film, or in the case of a digital SLR, how long the image sensor is exposed to light.

The aperture setting of a camera refers to the amount of light that is let into the camera body by the lens. An iris contracts or expands depending on this setting on the camera, thus controlling the light that hits the film/sensor.

Suppose someone was a handed a camera and was told that its aperture and shutter settings were set to ensure proper exposure using a shutter speed of 1/60th and an aperture of F/8. However, suppose that they wanted a faster shutter speed to capture a moving object, so they set the shutter speed to 1/250 and took a picture, they would get an underexposed photo because they didn't allow the film/sensor to be exposed for the 1/60th of a second it needed."

we're still talking about ambient light here... we haven't even touched images with flash.

now let's add a flash:

30th of a second was use to bring out the ambient light (the sun setting into the hotizon) and flash was used to light up the couple in the foreground. the reason i chose f/11 was so i can use a strong enough flash to "freeze" the under exposed subject and get a sharp foreground image.

i hope that helps.

diggitydawg510: thanks man. when i was shooting in oakland, we had several big people follow us around. no one bothered us that evening and all equipment was safe. = )

david: i was able to catch like 8 stars... i just added more because the bride requested if i can take pictures of the stars. = )

casey: no problem. hope it helps out.


Anonymous -Tim Co. said...

wow super as usual ed! I always look forward to your unique style. That first one is out of this world......their all really good but I love the way that was done and what a lucky couple to have an image like that from their wedding day!!

-Tim Co. (Orlando, FL)

Anonymous Jose Roces said...

Damn Ed, you're too good. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures and info

Anonymous Mel O said...

off the hook as usual.

your biggest fan!

Mel O

Anonymous jonathan canlas said...

dude i saw these on you blog last night. mind blowing man.

you really are getting good at this whole photography thing smile.gif


Anonymous EnochGonzalez said...

Grandísimo shots bro... great work.


Anonymous Drew said...

Hey, that's where I got married! Love that first shot!


Anonymous christee said...

Gorgeous! I Love all of them! Thank you for sharing the settings you used.

Anonymous Ryan Estes Photography said...

Nice! I literally said "ooooooh!" out loud...

Anonymous Jen Lee said...

love the ceremony shot with the sky....ohhh that is NICE!

Anonymous Louis Palos said...

You suck Ed! You were in town and didnt call me? Love the shots, that place is cool to shoot at, but the parking is no fun. Great work man.

Anonymous Karen said...

Those last two are great. I love how sharp and clean the last one looks.

Anonymous Nat said...

Wow! They are all gorgeous! Amazing job!

Blogger Bumatay said...

Awesome juicy images!

Blogger Michael Norwood said...

ED! Let's get together for sure in SF! We're still working out the specifics but it will be the week of October 7-12. We'll be in SF on the 7th, that night and again coming home, probably on the 11th. I'll let you know!


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