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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: melissa and edler's wedding

Sep 10, 2007

melissa and edler's wedding

commentator: monica

we knew that when we met melissa & edler, they would be throwing one elegant and organized event of a wedding. (okay, okay, so it was probably mostly because of melissa. =) with the help of leslie campbell of let's celebrate!, this dynamic twosome created a tropical oasis, in chocolate brown, cymbidium orchid green, and hot pink.

at the home melissa grew up in is where she prepared for the big day. we began our day, alongside videography team, monster crayons, where melissa and her gals beautified for the ceremony. at st. patrick in rodeo, we caught up with the guys just before the ceremony. it was a moment that this couple and their dearest family and friends had been waiting for for more 13 years. it was an emotional ceremony to, to say the least.

we arrived with time to spare before their reception would begin at caffe verbena in downtown oakland and had plenty of opportunity to photograph the 20 members of the bridal party. we made sure to take advantage of all the awesome architecture, sculptures, and surrounding high-rises in this modern urban site.

once the party began, the guests enjoyed plenty of gorgeous details, lots of laughter, plenty of dancing, and of course, more tear-filled emotions. melissa is definitely my kind of bride, as she had a cupcake tower from my all-time favorite cupcake bakery, teacake bakeshop in emeryville. "yummo," as rachael ray would say.

congratulations to the beautiful newlyweds, melissa & edler. may your marriage be as long as your best man randy's speech! =)

//ed pingol

the lovely bride prepping for the day she's been waiting for! make-up/hair by florence kurniadi of fkjc creations.

splendid details

beautifully-designed invitation, program, and menu card by es designs

from middle school to marriage

angelic melodies provided by bertina mitchell. sweat and tears literally went into this wedding!

the ceremony

eyes only for each other

the entourage. flowers provided by bella bloom

now do you believe there were 20? count the frames!

stealing away for just a moment

gq & modern bride magazine shots

their awesome ceremony site. leslie's wedding night surprise for the newlyweds.

tropical details and cupcakes galore!!!!! lighting provided by: got light?

the moment he realized she's no longer daddy's little girl

the couple's first dance

time stands still

dad can't bear to watch. the tosses!

gettin' down on the dance floor! entertainment provided by: musicraze


Blogger TeamYu Photography said...

Guys! Oh $%^&* these are blowing my mind! Group shots, bridal party, father daughter dance, reception, details!!! Perfection. How long did it take you to set up that group shot against the glass building ;) You guys rock!

Blogger Teana said...

wow, that looked like a crazy fun wedding...everyone looks so flawless and beautiful.

Blogger Melissa said...

OMG!!! Ed.. you and monica did a great job.. we love our teasers!!! I can't wait to see everything else.. =)

Blogger Diana Lyn said...

I work in that building!!! 1111 Broadway, baby! :) Haha. So crazy. And I love Caffe Verbena. Yummy garlic fries.

Anonymous erwinwijanto said...

Another Cool Wedding ED!!
Great Series !!
Man...., I can't wait to shoot with you in the future heheh :)

Blogger Michelle said...

Great work Ed! I love this couples' wedding motif ;-) They basically made many of my own ideas for my wedding come to life! Congrats to the lovely couple =)

Blogger Jessica said...

These are gorgeous photos!! I absolutely love them!

Blogger Esmiralda said...

Another beautiful job Ed and Monica! The whole day was lots of fun. And thanks so much for showing the printed pieces and for the "plug". Now I really have to update my site. Keep up the good work and again, you guys are awesome!

Anonymous ::Louis Palos:: said...

Awesome details ED! Love that "windmill" shot at the end!

Anonymous Geanette said...

SOOOOO Much Fun! Beautiful details and crisp images..sooo jealous!

Anonymous steve bĂ©linge said...

WOW! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif Not a bad shot in the bunch, love the slippers. thumbsup.gif

Anonymous christopher kriens said...

Very nice series. Quality work.

Anonymous nick furnari said...

What I really like: The moments you captured, the detail shots (especially the table shot) and most of all: Time standing still (the pose on the lamp post and the tilt).

Anonymous oasis said...

strong work as always, Ed!

Anonymous steve green said...

That's a razor sharp white balance in the 1st pic's images.

Anonymous glenn said...

STRONG work.

Anonymous TheObiJuan said...

Wow, you are inspirational.
Excellent compositions.

Anonymous Melanie Mansfield said...

Your control of white balance is awe-inspiring.

So are your detail shots.

LOVE the umbrella shot... and the shot of my name.

Anonymous NASLAND said...

Always love to see your work. The details are great. I've been staring at one shot trying to figure out your positioning. On the table that the tip of your shoe on the lower left chair?

Anonymous 57suzi said...

That wickedly good WB just mocks me, it really does.
The whole series starting with the 2 people crying is such excellent work.
Was it just me or did the one shot look like the groom was using the veil to wipe his eyes? I had to look twice = )

Anonymous Ivo Heshusius said...

Fabulous and great - like always! thanks for posting!

Anonymous David said...

I just don't know who I hate more, you or Apertura...

I really want to be like you guys when I grow up.

Blogger Rob said...

Dude, you were in my neck of the woods. I work a block away from the restuarant. You were shooting in downtown oakland at night? you're brave. even i wouldn't do that and I live in east oakland. haha!

Anonymous Minneapolis Wedding Photographer said...

We love your photography! Please keep up the good work and detail oriented pictures. You're a credit to all married couples who find joy in remembering their special day!


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