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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: michelle and paul's engagement session

Oct 15, 2007

michelle and paul's engagement session

commentator: monica

michelle & paul opted for an asian tropical theme for their engagement session, since this will be the decor of their wedding next april. what better way to do that than the japanese tea garden? it's been quite awhile since we've gone to this location to shoot so we were excited to see how the park would change at this time of the year. it's still as green as i remember it, with the occasional touch of fall yellow and red. and we were graced with yet another day without any trace of rain. =)

we had a fabulous time with this beautiful couple, who are also mini-dachsie owners. we even decided to bring them along so they could meet each other. since we weren't able to bring them into the tea garden, we brought them along to the second location of the shoot at baker beach. i must say that bella & lola played fabulously, especially with this being bella's first time on sand. (as some of you may know, our dog is kind of a snot and usually withdraws from other dogs. bella is as calm as lola and so this seemed to allow lola to warm up to her.) of course, we had to make sure to take some family photos of michelle, paul, & bella.

congrats on your engagement, michelle & paul. you both did a fantabulous job on your first "professional photo shoot" in 8 years! you're experts, now!

//ed pingol

a fairytale come true on the 'alice in wonderland' path

loving gazes & warm embraces

the happy couple

the look of love

reflection shot

overlooking the small lake in the gardens

enjoying the cool (i mean, cold) morning breeze at baker beach. the ring shot!

wishing it were as warm as maui shores. =) at least we have the world-famous golden gate!

mom, dad, & bella


Blogger Michelle said...

Thank you sooooooo much! We can't wait to see what other creative shots you were able to capture from that day....

We really appreciate you making us feel so comfortable doing this shoot... we had a great time and we're stoked that the "cousins" got along well too =)

Anonymous Jennifer said...

Aww. I love the little doggie. These images are hot!

Anonymous Andrea said...

Lovely. I love the Japanese Tea Garden. It's So pretty.

Anonymous Jared Bludsworth said...

very nice shoots. what lens do you guys use for your ring shoots?

Anonymous oasis said...

nicely done how you make the interesting light on #1.

though i have to say...visiting our neighborhood (we're just a few blocks away) and not dropping us a call is *so* not time.

Anonymous scott shoemake said...

nice ones ed, i was supposed to do a shoot there once, but we went to a vineyard instead. i'll have to keep it in mind.

Anonymous klam said...

Fantastic work Ed. I remember visiting those gardens once before when visiting SF.

Anonymous SingleMalt said...

I was in those very gardens a couple of months ago. Very pretty.

Ed, I'm trying not to hate you as much as Apertura, but you're making it difficult... Beautiful work.

When I was there, it was a little crowded. It must have been quite a challenge to keep extraneous people out of the shot.

Blogger Chris & Tammie said...

Ahhh We're Jealous!! There is soo much green there, Fantastic Session!!!

Anonymous zenen said...

omedetto gazaimashita!
nice shoot... ur sooo pretty! very unique. cute.

Anonymous Toni said... 2 are soooo beautiful together !!!!!! I think I'm gonna cry already!!!!!

The photgraphy "fabulous", the subject's even more....Bella too!

Mahalo for sharing...hugs & honi's

Blogger Jess said...

I love these shots. The first ones in the Japanese Tea Garden and the last two under the bridge are my favorites. Awesome work Ed!


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