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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: kristina & jp's wedding - rancho capistrano - san juan capistrano, california

Sep 10, 2008

kristina & jp's wedding - rancho capistrano - san juan capistrano, california

commentator: ed

man, oh man... this wedding was off the hook. a special thanks to the ubber talented ERWIN WIJANTO and LOUIS PALOS for helping me out on this phatty wedding.

full commentary coming soon... for now, kindly please enjoy the photos. =)

//ed pingol

awesome details... check out the jordan garter!

getting ready for the big day


so, intead of a limo, the bride rode in this new nissan.

this church was ubber strict with photographers, so we had monica and erwin hide amongst guest to grab a closer shot

during the ceremony, the church lady fell for my charm (or lack there of) and allowed me to shoot closer. bonus!

so much emotion during the ceremony

time alone after the ceremony

gorgeous bride

the always entertaining bridal party

nice flower

details were everywhere

seriously, everywehere

"towel brothers"

few can say that they got married twice in one day... these two did and it was just as emotional as the first if not more

lovely kisses

some alone time

introduction to the ceremony

first dance as husband and wife

you can just feel the love radiating from these two


one of the bridesmaid and her drink

"don't look at me or i'll cry" says the bridesmaid. but she cried anyways. ;)

i don't remember what was said here... but jp's expression is priceless. i had to put it up


father-daughter dance

mother-son dance

cake isn't eaten all the time

one of the funniest things during a wedding that i've ever seen



the "jump man" over men

behind the scenes


individual images
if you want to see individual images of this session, simply click here!


Anonymous charles said...

WOW! Now that's a dream team. These images are unbelievably good.

Anonymous Kathie said...

I just stumbled onto your website by chance. You are hands down the best photographer I've ever seen. When I get married, I know who to call.

Anonymous Mrs. Alacon said...

THANK YOU ED, MONICA, ERWIN AND LOUIS!!! You guys were rockstars!!! We can't thank you enough for all the memories you captured and were a part of...ONE, TWO, BOK-BOK-BOK-BOK =P

Anonymous Pascal said...

As usual these are some great shots Ed! You really rock!

Anonymous DERRICK JAMES said...


Blogger Admin said...

You did awesome as always. Kristina and jp are my neighbors and I happened to find them on your blog :)) How small is the world!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool hots man...hey that's my new car too the GTR...awesome

Blogger erwinwijanto photography said...

OMG.. AWESOME POST My friend...
My first time second shoot for Ed.. It was unbelievable... Too Much FUN.... I couldn't put it into words...
The pictures speak for it self.... !!

Blogger sarahpfeiffer said...

BE...UTIFUL. As always.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always surf the web for any news about jp. I'm so glad that I happened to see this most important occasion, congrats to the newly wed!


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