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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: valerie and marvin's engagement session - uc davis, california

Nov 26, 2008

valerie and marvin's engagement session - uc davis, california

commentator: ed

kindly please enjoy the photos. =) a special thanks to deeba yavrom for helping out the pingol clan. =)

//ed pingol

best "save the date" sign ever! LOL!!!

awesome top down shot

don't you guys know that blurry is in? =)

seriously... blurry is frigg'n awesome

sun flares are my favorites

we need a caption here =)

behind the scenes

individual images
if you want to see individual images of this session, simply click here!


Anonymous Pascal said...

No fair, still sunny in California XD
Love the blurry pics it definitely adds something if used wisely.

Blogger Aby said...

Great job as usual !!

Hope that including behind-the-scenes shots gonna be a habit ! ;-)

Blogger XPO 125 said...

Hey! I know Marvin and Valerie! Amazing photos!

Blogger Studio 239 Photography said...

You make Davis look good! Awesome job.

Blogger a a said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous Deeba Yavrom said...

Hey cool, I just saw these haha
Great work!


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