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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: cynthia & tim's wedding - first congregational church - palo alto - historic del monte building - sunnyvale, ca

Nov 19, 2008

cynthia & tim's wedding - first congregational church - palo alto - historic del monte building - sunnyvale, ca

commentator: ed

kindly please enjoy the photos. =)

//ed pingol

Ceremony: First Congregational Church of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA
Reception: The Historic Del Monte Building, Sunnyvale, CA
Flowers: Nona Tai of Floral Design Studio
Cake: A Piece of Cake Bakery
Videographer: Lumitone Productions
Hair & Makeup: Kristine Cruz of Parallel Universe Artistry


Anonymous Louis Palos said...

This is an awesome set, that bride shot in the hallway is crazy! Great work Pingols!

Anonymous matt said...

How do you do it? I mean, the getting better part. Just when you think the Pingol has reached its peak, you just blow me away each time you post. Simply amazing.

Anonymous Kevin Lam said...

Wow that is a post! Awesome work as usual Ed. Love how fun all the images are.

Anonymous Pascal said...

Awesome post, I just love the images captured in the hallway.

Blogger Jennifer said...

Wow...Ed. Your talent shines through as usual. Amazing.

Anonymous Danny said...

Mohawk-styled ring bearer and break dancing at the reception? What a sweet gig!

Everything is so fantastic!

Anonymous Adam Hoe said...

Properly the best Wedding shots, i've ever seen! So many.. feelings in the pictures!

Anonymous Courtney said...

I love them.

Anonymous Tony said...

This is probably my favorite set I've seen of yours.

Anonymous Greg said...

You nailed it. Fantastic job as always.

Anonymous Jeff said...

Waoo, excelent Work!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous Rich said...

Your ability to capture moments that will stand the test of time is amazing!!!!!!! I love the photos grouped together of all the people crying. Absolutley priceless. Strong work.

Anonymous Jake said...

Beautiful work, as always.

Anonymous Brad Barr said...

Seriously dude, some great usual.

Anonymous Walter said...

I love your work and it is very inspirational. Talk about showing the emotion of the day!

Blogger ws pang said...

your work really inspire me.

Blogger Frank DiMeo said...

Wow! What a great body of work! I have so many favorites, but the high key shot of her in the hallway is fabulous!

Very niiiiiiiicce!!!


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