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Nov 5, 2008


so proud to be an american. so proud to have been part of this historic moment. congratulations to our next president! congratulations to us all for believing... for hope... for change.

photo courtesy of: flickr obama group pool

//ed pingol


Anonymous Pascal said...

I would have loved to be in the states yesterday. That must have been a crazy night!

Blogger Jess said...

Amen! Wished you were here in Chicago! It was a grand celebration!

Let me tell you a story about Obama. After his Democratic nomination, Jed and I were walking along the lakefront when I recognized this small family group to be Obama with his wife and children. They were getting ready to go biking along the lakefront. I congratulated him and told him we had been praying for him. He acknowledged me and said, "Thanks. I appreciate that." It was such a warm and humble gesture and he struck me as such a genuine individual.

He is a true inspiration. We are so full of hope for America and for our children.


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