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Dec 15, 2008

last day for "cans for comments!"

commentator: monica

today (12.15.08) until midnight is the last day of our "cans for comment" campaign. please feel free to peruse the blog and leave us a comment so we can donate a canned food item to our local foodbank on your behalf. =)

ed's fave canned food item. what's yours?
photo from: wikimedia commons

happy holidays!!!

//ed pingol


Blogger Brandi said...

Yuck! :P I'm a vegetarian.. so I think my favorite canned food is.. uh.. Spaghettios! :)

Anonymous Mark said...

No way! Corned beef is awesome. Please donate one for me.

Blogger J Castro said...

One last can for us Ed N Monica! Make this one a can of vienna sausage please! =P Merry Christmas from the J Castro crew!

Anonymous James Sanders said...

Eeeks, SPAM ?!? Gimme a can of peaches any day.

Anonymous Marion said...

Mmmm.. corned beef and eggs. With garlic fried rice too, sometimes :P

Blogger Chung Nguyen said...

I <3 mandarin oranges. Yum!

Blogger Catie said...

woo go Spam, eggs and rice! :)

Blogger Lisa said...

Is that seriously how it opens? I've never seen one opened!!! That's pretty cool!


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