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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: featured on rocktographers: "rings & blings, oh my!" update

Jan 3, 2009

featured on rocktographers: "rings & blings, oh my!" update

commentator: monica

we're featured on "rocktographers," an affiliate website of modern photgraphers, of which we're very fortunate to be a member of! the rocktographers website showcases creative images of those symbolic circles of commitment couples spend so much time searching for. as much as the dress, shoes, flowers should be photographed on your wedding day, these items should also be a focal point in your photographs, even if they'll adorn your hands everyday for the rest of your lives. they definitely deserve that kind of attention when they're still brand spankin' new and not banged up from daily wear! and remember, once on your finger, keep that sucker on! =)

//ed pingol
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Anonymous Michele Rivera said...

awesome shots and congrats on getting published!

Blogger Anne said...

great work, ed! i followed your work since kathy and charles wedding last august. you just keep getting better and better.

Blogger Erin Harvey said...

Amazing work. I've always loved ur detail shots, especially the rings! Congrats on getting featured. =)


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