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San Francisco Ed Pingol - Bay Area Wedding Photography: California Wedding Photographer: nisha and charle's engagement session - las vegas, nevada

Feb 20, 2009

nisha and charle's engagement session - las vegas, nevada

commentator: ed

nisha and charles' engagement session on the las vegas strip was awesome!!! we had help from photographer mandy davis and her friend/co-worker robin, both from oklahoma, who tagged along to hold the "light-sticks," along with henry chen. my very good friend and very talented photographer, erwin wijanto, also shot with us. i can't wait to see what he was able to capture. we started our shoot in the middle of bellagio so we would have an awesome view of the fountain. from there, we simply just walked around and stopped at wherever we thought was cool. =)

i have to thank jaylyn and mark who referred this gorgeous couple to us. THANK YOU guys!!!

//ed pingol
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walking the las vegas strip at night

welcome to vegas!

the imcomparable bellagio fountain show


pedestrian bridge


Blogger Mamacita Chilena said...

I really love her makeup!

Ed, Nisha...anyone...can you tell me if those are fake eyelashes? So gorgeous!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the Bellagio Fountain Photo!!! Beautiful!!! Nisha - you looked amazing! Your makeup looks really good!!!

Blogger Unknown said...

I absolutely love your work. Wonderful photos!

Blogger Dave Keating Photography said...

This is a great set. I really like the lighting balance. The comps and angles are just gravy. They must be happy. Love your work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed! these are tasty!! I heard my hubski had the pleasure of meeting you at WPPI but I missed out in the fun! Give us a jingle next time your in seattle! much love my friend.

Blogger shades of gray said...

I like it when you guys shoot feet!

Blogger Ivy said...

these pics leave me speechless.....they are awesome!!! Great shots, Ed!


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